Welcome To Using Your Spiritual Gifts

ronsem8.JPGWelcome to Using Your Spiritual Gifts. The purpose of this blog is to encourage each of us as we “walk in the Spirit” and use the different Spiritual Gifts God has given us.

On my website www.layministry.com I offer a free workbook on Spiritual Gifts. Thousands from around the world have downloaded this helpful resource. The purpose of this Blog is to help those that have gone through the discovery process learn how to use their gifts.

If you don’t know what your gifts are, then I encourage you to go to www.layministry.com and download your FREE copy of Understanding My Spiritual Gifts.

If you think you know your Spiritual Gifts, then I encourage you to sign up for this Blog and get all the new entries. I will be adding new material, helpful articles, book reviews, podcasts, interviews and video instruction in order to help each of us walk in the Spirit and use those Gifts that God has given us.

Please sign up today to get each new post sent to you.

Ron Ovitt

One thought on “Welcome To Using Your Spiritual Gifts”

    The free book on your website helped me to confirm
    what God is calling to do. Thank you again and May
    God Bless you your family and your ministry.

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