Same Ole, Same Ole

If I asked you to name the Spiritual Gifts that you have seen in your church, what would they be? Most of us would rattle off the most common ones; helps, mercy, hospitality, teaching, giving, leadership and administration. Now, please, I know that these are very important Spiritual Gifts. Every church needs these. My point is this, we tend to gravitate toward the familiar and shrink from those gifts that we know little about.

Now you may be thinking, “Ron, what in the world brought this on?” Well, the truth is I just got home from a seminar about volunteerism in the church. It was a great seminar. The speaker had a lot of great ideas and I am very glad that I went. However, when the lecturer spoke about the Spiritual Gifts, I was a little let down. The content on being a volunteer was outstanding so I expected the same about Spiritual Gifts. Instead we were given the standard-of-the-mill speech on Spiritual gifts. He talked about the typical gifts we fine in our churches: teaching, hospitality, mercy, administration, leadership, giving, wisdom and discernment. He was teaching us that ministry leaders should try to find people with these typical gifts and plug them into their ministry. I agree with that statement but expected more. When it looked like all that was going to be said, was said, I raised my hand. The speaker called on me and I simply shared that I felt that we as ministry leaders need to learn about all the Spiritual gifts and pray that God would send us people with all of the gifts. I continued, “Can we imagine what would happen if we prayed that God would give us someone with the gift of faith, miracles, healing, knowledge or prophecy to complement our ministry?” The speaker agreed that it would be amazing if we would pray and believe God for that, but there was something in his tone that led me to believe that he was not sure that it would ever happen.

Let me ask. When are we going to get sick of the same ole, same ole? When are we going to start to believe God to give us people in our churches that represent all the Spiritual Gifts? When are we going to begin to ask God to manifest Himself in all His majesty and power through His people? I believe Paul was writing about Spiritual Gifts that are just as real today as they were in his day. Lord knows that our nation is just as secular as his was. We are just as lost, just as in need of “signs and wonders” as any nation that ever existed.

I pray that we, His church, would start to grasp how significant the Spiritual Gifts are and start to help develop those gifts in our church.

If you want to know more you can download our FREE workbook, Understanding My Spiritual Gifts. There is a Spiritual Gifts test and definitions of all the gifts. My prayer is that we will start to see a manifestation of all the gifts in the churches you and I attend. What a powerful witness and effective ministry we will have, when we go forward with all the gifts the Holy Spirit makes available to us.  

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