What About “Spiritual” Gifts Don’t We Understand?

With all the tests, short quizzes, inventories and brief definitions it is easy to start thinking of Spiritual Gifts as a  natural given talent, skill, aptitude or ability. Much like a IQ test, strength test in Physical Education or a vocational aptitude in the Kuder Occupational Interest Survey, we start to believe that our Spiritual Gift is some intrinsic ability. Now this is easy to understand when we consider “teacher”. We say of someone, “They seem to be a natural teacher.” Or perhaps we feel our Spiritual Gift is an internal drive. This is easy to see in “mercy”. We see someone that is really compassionate and we say that they have the “gift.” Certainly our Spiritual Gift should have something to do with our ability or drive. After all it is “YOUR” Spiritual Gift. But it is much more than a simple talent, skill, aptitude or drive. It is a partnership with God. In order to have a Spiritual Gift there has to be a “Spiritual” element at work. God has given us the part of the gift that is ours. He has instilled a drive, created a gift passion, unction, ability, aptitude but it is not “Spiritual” unless it is under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In essence it is really the “Holy Spirit’s Gift” being manifested in our life. It is the bringing of our whole self to God and asking Him what He would have us do. It is the daily waiting on Him for guidance and direction committing our activities to Him and then making ourself available to His direction. When we do this, I believe He will unleash His gifts “in” and “through” us. How else can you explain the supernatural gifts? Peter, Paul and the disciples did not have an innate ability to heal, prophesy, have incredible faith, do miracles. Instead they had a relationship with Jesus, trusted Him and showed up for work. The made themselves available for His service and believed God when He told them what to do. Even Jesus said, “I do nothing by myself, I only do what my Heavenly Father tells me to do.” Can we do any less. It is great to have abilities, passions, skills, aptitudes but if I had to choose, I would choose a relationship with Christ and the faith to do what He tells me to do. How has God used you? What has He asked you to do? Do you have a feeling you know what gifts God is using in your life? If so, go to the button above where it says, “Share About Your Spiritual Gift” and let us share your testimony with others. Let’s get a dialog going and learn more about this wonderful subject.  If you haven’t completed our workbook, Understanding Your Spritual Gifts, download your free copy today 


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