Do You Have The Spiritual Gift of Discernment?

Please read the following  Spiritual Gift of Discernment description and then rate yourself on a scale of 1 through 5 both in passion and experience. This is to help you from ignoring a gift God may have for you. For example, you may be high in passion in the gift of  “healing” but as of yet God has not manifested Himself in that way to you. If all you rated was experience you may skip over this very important passion God has given you. Likewise, if you are deeply involved in “service” but are more pragmatic and less passionate about it you may be tempted to ignore developing the gift of service in the way God wants you to.

Rate Your Passion For This Gift

The first rating has to do with your passion for the gift. Are you really motivated to act this way? 1 means that you have no interest in or passion to use the gift. 5 means that the definition describes you very accurately, or that you do have a strong interest/passion in the ability.

Next Rate Your Experience With or Evidence For This Gift

The second rating has to do with your experience/evidence of the gift. Rate your experience with or evidence of the gift.

1 means that you have no experience with or evidence of the gift. 5 means that you have a lot of experience with or evidence of the gift.


In I Corinthians 12:10 it says, “and to another distinguishing between spirits” (NIV) Discernment means to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. It is having a logical, judicial ability to think through issues. It is the ability to “discern” whether a saying, teaching, doctrine, written word, or event is good or evil; true or false; and if the source, meaning or intentions are of God, the person or Satanic deception.  There is an ability to “read between the lines” and get to the truth of an issue. The“gut” tells them when something doesn’t seem to be right. There is an urgency to pray and ask for wisdom.


Spiritual battle, whether in a small group or the church, is a serious concern and discernment is a valuable asset to have. This gift can help guide the church both in more ordinary decisions or deeper spiritual issues.


There is a temptation to always be “right”; not admit when there has been a mistake. Pride could prevent a humble spirit in the use of the gift. It could be tempting to misuse the trust that someone places in your judgment and use the gift for personal gain or to hurt someone. Finally, it is easy to trust in personal judgment and not consult God, thus being deceived yourself.

Ministry Opportunities

This gift could be used in helping;  settle disputes; counseling; spiritual warfare;  or assisting church leadership with decisions. This gift can be used in counseling with addictions and low self-esteem where deception is sometimes used as a coping mechanism.

Further Training

This is a spiritual skill so good Biblical training is key. Prayer and spiritual warfare are two excellent subjects to study. Listening skills are very important. If possible, intern under someone with the gift.


Using a  scale of  1 – 5, rate whether you have a passion for using discernment
(1 = Not at all, 5 = Very much so)

Passion Score ______

Using a  scale of  1 – 5, rate whether you have had significant experience in or evidence of discernment.
(1 = Not at all, 5 = Very much so)

Experience/Evidence Score __


How to Rate Your Score
 To be more accurate on the Spiritual Gift you need to look both at your passion with the gift and the experience with or evidence of the gift. If your passion is 3 – 5 then it is high. If your passion is 1 – 2 then it is low. It is the same with the experience where you rate evidence of the gift in your life. Is the experience/evidence high (3 – 5) or is it low (1 – 2)?

Plot your scores on the grid
 Notice that Experience/Evidence is on the vertical axis and Passion is on the horizontal axis. So an Experience/Evidence score of  3 and a Passion score of 2 and would be in the number 2 quadrant.


Quadrant 1 = High Passion and High Experience/Evidence
A Spiritual Gift that is in this quadrant seems to be one that God has given you. You are passionate about the gift and have experience and evidence in your life that seems to confirm this. Continue to grow in this gift and use it for His glory.

Quadrant 2 = Low Passion and High Experience/Evidence
A Spiritual Gift in this quadrant may indicate that circumstances have called upon you to exhibit this skill or ministry in your life. For example you don’t have to have a high Passion to be merciful to those that are hungry around you. However, your church may have a large feeding program. Just because you are recruited and spend a lot of time doesn’t mean that you have the Gift of Mercy. Rather it simply could mean that you were obedient to God by helping with a need.

Quadrant 3 = High Passion and Low Experience/Evidence
Scoring in this quadrant is common among the Supernatural gifts. Healing, faith, miracles – you may feel really burdened in situations to pray for God’s intervention in mighty ways. You pray believing and trusting that God can and will act. If this is true then you must rate yourself high on Passion. However, though you are passionate in your praying for healing your experience may not be successful. You would rate your experience/evidence score low. However, this does not mean give up. It is just an indicator of your personal experience up to this moment in time. If God moves in your heart you deeply to pray for the supernatural let Him take care of the results. It is better to pray believing and not see the results you anticipated than to be disobedient and not pray. God has given you the gift, He will use it according to His will. Be faithful to the passion He has given you.

Quadrant 4 = Low Passion and Low Experience/Evidence
A score in this quadrant is usually a good indicator that God, up to this point in time, has not birthed in you this Spiritual Gift. This does not mean that in time God may call upon you to work in this area. God can give any gift at any time. He is sovereign.

Now that you have finished this self-assessment, how do you feel about your discovery? Were you surprised or did you find the answer that you expected?  Are you intimidated by the significance of the gift and what God may expect from you or are you confident that God has and will continue to use you in this way?
One way to confirm your findings is to ask those Godly people that know you well. Ask them to read the definitions of the gifts that you selected and confirm whether they see this same gift in your life or not. Ask them what they think you need to improve on. Ask them to pray for you that you may have understanding and wisdom in using these gifts.
Another way to grow in your gift is to report to the member of your pastoral staff at church that would be in charge of volunteers in the church. Share with them your discovery and ask them for materials to study and opportunities for service. Perhaps there is someone that they know that could mentor you in this gift.
Finally, seek out others in your church that have the same gift(s). Meet regularly as a group to learn, share stories and pray for each other. As a church, you function as a body of believers. You were given these gifts to help each other. There is no limit to what God could do as you and the others in your church are Spirit-led in the use of these gifts.

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69 thoughts on “Do You Have The Spiritual Gift of Discernment?”

  1. I was deeply blessed about thi gift and what I have learn

    I would like more insight on this gift.
    God bless.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information, now i know in detail what my purpose is and what to do with the spiritual gift of discernment that God has given me, THANKS AGAIN.. It’s much appreciated…GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY

  3. Thanks for the enlightenment… Continue to pray for the spirit of wisdom & revelation. Glory to God.

  4. Hi,
    I was blessed reading this
    and i do believe I have the Gift, but i doubt it alot because I dont have the right Guidance. I do get vison and dreams but sometimes I dont know what they mean sometimes I feel that my gift is demising, because of oppression, am trying not to be opressed but i belive I really need healing but the lord really shows me things.
    please let me know what you think of this thanx

    1. Yes the enemy will work very hard to attack those of us who are more sensitive to their presence and work. You need to remember that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. I’ve noticed that Satan attacks my self-worth. Stay in the word.

  5. Thank You for the reading I was very much inspired by it, Now I am more then sure that I have been bless with the gift of decernment because sometimes I feel like I am the only one that hears or seens things that is not right. Never come understand why? But praise God He has bless me with something so wonderful and I will use it to glorify the Lord always and I will use it to help others in a positive and encouraging way. This I pray in Jesus Christ’s Name amen

  6. Thanks. I have the gift but my major problem is that i dont understand some things that are revealed to me. I really need spiritual guidance.

  7. Im 19 Years Old, And I Know For Sure That I Have That Gift, Sometimes I Dont Understand Why I Have It, Or Why God Has Chosen Me To Have It, But I Know Its For A Reason, I Can Feel Things Too Often, And Sometimes I Feel Like I Know Too Much, Sometimes I Dont Feel Normal, And I Really Wana Be Satisfied With This Gift One Day, I Feel Out Of Place In The World Sometimes….I Will Continue To Pray And Ask God Why Do I Have This Gift, And Why Dont I Feel Normal, He Will Show Me In Due Time…

    1. Yes continue to pray and study the word. Especially the lives of the prophets we can learn from their testimonials and how God spoke and directed them. The ultimate example is Jesus and keeping right fellowship with him and listening to the voice of his Holy Spirit who reveals all truth to us. He will never fail.

      1. That’s great,I too have been blessed with this gift, for years I knew that there was something different, but I couldn’t explain it,I never knew what this gift was, I discovered what it was after sencing strange about this girl my wife brought home from a charasmatic group at our catholic church,I thought I was going crazy,its too long of a story to write about,God Bless you

  8. The Sunday School lesson focuses on Acting with Discernment. As stated in your writing, Discernment is a spiritual gift. It is very difficult for a person to act with discernment unless they have been gifted. I have the gift of discernment and it has allowed me to make Godly decisions for my family, myself and others I have been privileged to lead. Adherence to God’s word, prayer and fasting are critical to ensure our ears and hearts are not corrupted as we see those things that are exposed to us by the Spirit of God. I completely agree a person gifted with discernment should receive mentoring by an individual likewise gifted. Training and wisdom enhances an individual’s understanding of the gift and its proper application. I am convinced if we would study our Bible and pray in earnest to God, he will hear our cry, answer our request while posturing us to advance his work on this earth. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

  9. I’m 13, I have the gift of discernment. I haven’t told my parents because I worry that they will think that I am lying, or take me to see a therapist or something. My parents are Christians, but they aren’t as strong spiritually as I am. My grandpa is the only one in my house who I can talk to about this, but I know other Christians who can help. I feel really bad about hiding it from my parents. What should I do?

    1. Marie,
      I do not believe you have to hide anything form your parents. Rather you could discuss it with them. Tell them you are interested in the Spiritual Gifts and ask them to share with you what Spiritual Gifts they think you have. It could be a great discussion. You can share with them that you feel you have the gift of discernment. It would be interesting to see what they think. I don’t think there is anything they would fear. Also, you could share with your Pastor and see if he can give you some instruction to help you grow in the gift.
      I pray that God will help you grow in the gift and that God will give you discernment in this situation.
      Ron Ovitt

    2. I can tell you as a mother of someone who I believe has this gift. I was FAR more worried before I found out what the gift actually is. When my daughter (now 11) would say things, all I could picture in my mind was that movie the “sixth sense” and I was genuinely scared. I only just found out what the gift is as my church is doing a study on the Gifts of the Spirit. I am sooooooooooooo relieved to understand a little and be able to encourage her to seek guidance from our church. Trust me, your parents are NOT clueless to this ability, they just may not understand what is going on. This will make them relieved if you discuss it!!!

      1. As much as I would love to tell my parents, with their current faith/spiritual understanding, I don’t know if I should…. Such as, when I use the word “spiritual” to talk about my faith, my mom uses the word “religious”. Likewise, when I try to start a conversation about God, my mom changes the subject or distracts me. (I have ADD) My mom says she had “out-grown” Sunday School, and that she doesn’t have time to go to church, even though she does get days off work on Sundays. And I can hardly tell her I can see demons, based on that evidence, can I?

    1. In I Corinthians 12:10 it says, “and to another distinguishing between spirits” (NIV) Discernment means to be able to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil. It is having a logical, judicial ability to think through issues. It is the ability to “discern” whether a saying, teaching, doctrine, written word, or event is good or evil; true or false; and if the source, meaning or intentions are of God, the person or Satanic deception. There is an ability to “read between the lines” and get to the truth of an issue. The“gut” tells them when something doesn’t seem to be right. There is an urgency to pray and ask for wisdom.
      In the early days of the church God used these gifts to help discipleship believers and evangelize. The New Testament was still being written. As His word was complete we were given a new standard by which to use the gift of discernment. I do not believe God will use prophecy, wisdom, knowledge or discernment in any way that contradicts His written word. I think anyone serious about these gifts should be a student of the word and serious about prayer. It would not hurt to get a beginners book on hermeneutics (the art and science of studying the Scriptures) and learn how to study scriptures so you can use it with your spiritual gift.
      God bless you as you serve Him.
      Ron Ovitt
      I trust that God will bless you as you use this gift for His glory.
      Ron Ovitt

      1. hello ron my name is lelie willrich i to have the gift of decerment ialways new i had somthing just dident no what it was call iv learn to also watch body langage i can read body langage this gift has soi much to offer it just seem unreal i can pickup on anything i can detect danger quick peopl with gift remember to watch body clay will funtion always funtion out of carrector and spirit of decerment will pick it up certan move look are motion thank you my spelling is not good ron but thank you for listing

  10. well that is nice for u too have mentoring,but not everyone has that..and growing up in a non christain house makes this gift alittle scary as a child…the lord does reveal this too u…and it has really taken alot of praying and study as adult..too relize i am not nuts ….lol like my mom said as she never understood what i so deserpartly needed to know..but the lord knew and was their by my side all along..anyhow beleive it or not their r still people out there that dont beleive in the gifts but the enemy sure does….

  11. It was only two years ago that I was certain I had the gift of discernment. As I pondered and studied, I realised that all the odd but spritually beautiful things that God had allowed me to sense and act upon were a result of this gift all along. I have since mentored a woman. One morning after Mass, I sensed 8 angles around the altar in the chapel. I was working with my ministry watering the plants at the time. Two of the angles were very large. I merely nodded in respect and continued with my chores. I told my friend and she later sensed them too. A long discussion ensued. I have mostly been sent by God to help others in need of Christ’s love. It is a beautiful experience.

    1. Absoluetly. A young friend of mine was so harassed by demons, even those near to her were no longer skeptical about the power of such evil. She broke down in a very bad part of town. A guy out of no where helped her change the tire. She and I think it was an angel. She lost her purse at church during Good Friday. Much more happened to her as a result of oppression from the devil’s demons; and all in the week preceeeding her baptism and confimation. It doesn’t happen to all. I perceived that she was an important addition to the church, and she was and is, and that the demons worked very hard to turn her away from her spiritual destiny. My advice to is have others pray for you. Be with holy people as much as possible. Seek help from the same. I will pray for you. Just remember, if they’re after you its becuase they know you will make a big difference in the spritual world of man.

      1. Such great encouragement! I believe God spoke through you to me today. I have to continue to realize that whenever demons do attack me, it’s because God has a huge plan for my life that will effect the world, mankind(that explains that). I’m not sure if I have the spirit of discernment(though, I am highly aware of what goes on in the spiritual at any given moment) I not trying to boast at all, but I do believe I have the spirit/gift of wisdom. I just love wisdom and am still growing in it. It’s pretty evident. Anyways, I thank God for your life. May He continue to strengthen you and your faith and continue to reveal Himself to you and to manifest Himself and His glory in your life. God’s will be done. Amen!

  12. I believe that I have the gift of discernment and I would sometime pray for people at night and GOD will simply hear GOD speak to me about certain people and what I needed to pray for for that person. I feel that I can grow more in this gift but I don’t know where to get mentoring from.

    1. I know this post is old, but the gift you have i believe is “word of knowledge,” God shares with you the needs of another, no one knows us like our maker, and through prayer of faith and what God knows, His knowledge of our needs, God is interceding through you for this persons needs, whatever they may be.

  13. so u think the more the lord has a plan for u the more they the demons bother u??this gets very tireing..please pray for me and my family…thank u I think our time is shorter than most people think and we are in our last days…i would like to know what people feel when they sense evil…please share with me…..

    1. The Lord has a plan for everyone. All righteous christians have been given a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is not a supernatural power that we can use on demand. It is a special tool to be used when the Holy Spirit wants us to make a contribution to the Body. We cannot turn it off and on. We can lose it by losing our righteousness. The devil does not want us to know our gift and use it when we are asked to. He certainly doesn’t want us to be righteous (and so temptation happens). If you will make a difference one day with your gift, the demons will try to destroy that chance. Pray to your guardian angel. He is there to make sure you get to heaven by doing the right thing; including the abitlity to exercise your gift when called upon.

      Jesus Himself said that we will know that the end of days are at hand when we are persecuted for the sake of His Name. This hasn’t happened quite yet. I do believe in, and I have started to prepare for, very difficult times, however. I “know” these harsh days will be soon.

      I am a very experienced hunter and outdoorsman. I am a strong, large man. I have a concealed weapons license and carry a gun all the time. I have no fear of anything. My 84 year old parents live with me. My brother sent a “freind” of his to my house to adjust a WI-FI system that he had installed a few months earlier so that his daughter could talk to her grandmother, my mother, over a laptop in the evenings. I came home one day about 8 months ago, and introduced mysleft to this guy at the breakfast table where he was talking with my parents. There was a young woman all dressed in black with long black hair. I can’t remember her face. I paid no attention to her appearance. (I later found out that this guy had adopted this teenager recently.) When I retired to my room, I was suddenly overcome with a gripping fear like I have never experienced. It was a horrible feeling. I had to think what was going on. Finally, I realized that there was a deomonic presence. I returned to the table and asked this fellow to leave. He told me to leave; he wasn’t going anywhere. I asked my father to come to my room. I told him what was going on. Nothing happended. I went outside to call the police and this guy stormed out of the house with his “daughter” and left.

      I’ve experienced this before I knew my gift of the Holy Spirit, but never figured out why I was feeling these things. I was allowed to “discern” that spirit, I believe, so as to protect my parents from some sort of bad situation.

      1. With reference to your comment “Pray to your guardian angel…” One should never pray to anyone but God. Angels are heavenly beings in the service of God, they are not God. Nowhere in the bible is there reference to people having a specific guardian angel either.

      2. we are only to pray to the father GOD creator of heaven and earth in the name of jesus christ that is what jesus instructed the deciples . not to pray to an angel or anything or anyone,. only the father and ask in his name jesus christ. hope that helps and is the truth.

      3. You are always to pray to only God the father in the name of Jesus Christ. No one else are you to pray to but God, not to creation/creatures created by God to serve. It clearly goes against what the bible has said about whom we pray to.

        John 16:23
        “…Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the father in my name, he will give it you.” (KJB)

    2. I think its different for each person in their walk with God . I also think most people don’t understand this gift. In the beginning when I accepted my gift (bc I denied it for awhile or just didn’t know what to do with it ) I would have 1-3 demons a night come to taunt me never hurt me just pestering me and trying to scare me after about 4mths of that I had enough and pulled away from church .I stopped growing in the Lord and they left me alone but that’s not the answer. if they are bothering you it could be several reasons whether you have this gift or not. I have found when I pray for someone if they have a spirit messing with them then it comes to me or God shows it to me or I even just know they have the spirit of depression or anger or whatever it is . People even of the church often think if demons are bothering you that its something your doing wrong and need to fix and that’s not always the case. Some people are stronger in this gift then others and its different with each person. for example some men only see shadows or images while women are more of a feeling and emotional gift we don’t usually see things but feel them .

  14. Dear Debbie, I’ve been in many situations where evil is present, the most recent I met a young man in a hospital he was screaming at the top his lungs. Staff didn’t know what to do. I prayed, the Lord told me to tell him loudly ” I Love You” he stopped. He later started punching walls, coming out of his room with bloody knuckles and feet, I prayed again, the Lord told me to have him read 1st Corinthians 13 while he read he smiled and then began vomiting he jerked and smiled many times, as I watched I prayed, the Lord said demons were coming out of him. The Lord was showing me the power of his word. He also wanted to learn how to fight, I said you need psalms, your in spiritual battle. I baptized him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I said read both every day for a month. The following day he read again 1 Corinthians 13 He again began vomiting, shaking and smiling when a demon left. I would also caution not to dwell on what evil is doing. Our strength comes when we are reminded of GODS POWER that’s available to us through Christ Jesus.

  15. Thank you SO MUCH for your presentation here. God’s blessing be upon you in helping me and my parish for the insight that you’ve provided. My most humble thanks. GOD MAKES ALL THINGS NEW!

  16. for my family and ithank you everyone for shareing…and thank u for praying for my family and i..I know the lord is greater than the whole world or any one..I work in the public with alot of contact…sometimes the constant persent of evil is over whelming…however the lord is greater… and i beleive that the enemy seeks to destroy any of the lords childern…I always pray in my mind and have had people offended by this at work,,,so how can they know I am doing this???

  17. thank u everyone for praying for me and my family i just recently found out one of the reasons i am feeling so much of the enemys present..there are wiccans who work there…and they will tell u or show it by wearing the jewerly..which i only knew about,cause one time this lady had some ear rings and a necklace on and she told me what it was and that she was a high pristest..what ever that means i know the lord has been watching over me….thank you lord

  18. Dear debbie, as Jesus entered into towns, if a person had an evil spirit having dominion or power over them saw Jesus the evil spirit would shriek “what do you have to do with us Son of God”. Debbie they see Jesus in you. And the lamp of your body, ” Your eyes ” are shining Gods love, truth and light, when they are used to hate, confusion and darkness. Debbie your doing the right things, keep shining the love of Jesus and continue to ask Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to those who are lost, that they may call on the Name of Jesus and be saved

    1. thank u so much for your reply..It really means alot to hear that from some one took me awhile to figure all this out..I couldnt understand why people i didn even know,looked at me with so much hate or fear and some disguse..and lets not forget the ones with so much love in their eyes that i would be on cloud ten for days..thank u again

  19. I praise Father God for this gift of discernment that’s ultimately for His good pleasure and purpose. My constant prayer is that I, through selfish ways or human tendencies which may arise, be kinly sensitive to Holy Spirit prompting me know to either repent or humble myself. Thus, it is my desire to stay humbled when operating in this blessed and holy gift from God. Thank you Jesus!

  20. I was born with the gift of discernment and would like to learn how to use it more producive.

  21. I am 39 yrs old and just coming to understanding that I have had this my whole life. It has only come “clear” to me what this really is and what I have always carried with me. Since asking God to save me as an adult. And asking him to come into my life. I will be Baptised in 1 week, which happens to be on Easter. I know now, that my purpose for life and being here is now understood. I ONLY want to use this “gift” for the remaining days of my life here on earth to glorify The Lord.

  22. Hi, I am 32 years old female and i have the gift of disernment, I find it pretty overwhelming at times. It is an amazing gift and I thank God for giving me this gift.

  23. i have the gift of discernment which has caused a lot of trouble in my life i wish sometimes i didnt have it life would be more simple i find it hard to be greatfull sometimes but i am thank you god

  24. I worry about my family finding out about my gift of discernment. In particular, it seems to be manifesting itself in the ability to, loosely put, discern spirits; in specific, i can see demons, and if God permits me to see them, angels.

  25. I see demons on the faces of ppl. I can feel if ppl are true or fake and sometimes I even feel sick to my stomach when I pass by someone who has the need for God or prayer, maybe for there own demon of pride or vanity etc. Its very distracting because I almost see things in slow motion in church. I have only told a few ppl about this because I dont really understand it all, but I am learning. Pray for me Christians so that I can use this gift for God and all of his Glory, In Jesus name.

  26. I am so thankful to God for this site. Discernment is one of my spiritual gifts. I was doing studies on this gift and realized there were comments at the bottom of this page. I am elated to see the comments of others who have this gift. I often feel alone at times because I know people won’t understand. It isn’t like we are able to talk to everyone about this. I was already at peace with myself, but reading all the comments I feel more apart of the Body of Christ. Many Blessings fellow brothers and sisters! I have moved from the city to the country. This has helped a lot with my gifts. God has removed me to establish me with my gifts. He is truly AMAZING! Continue to pray and ask for wisdom in every situation. ~KJB~

  27. Some of these posts worry me. The gift of discernment isn’t a “mystical” gift. In fact, even if you may not have discernment as a spiritual gift, we are ALL called to be discerning Christians. Discerning doesn’t mean you have a “sixth sense” it means you are able to separate truth from error. (Truth is God’s word). Spiritual gifts are designed for the BODY of Christ so that you can be used to grow your church stronger. If you have the gift of discernment then the most important thing will be for you to know God’s word inside out. God’s word is the only source of truth. If you are going to detect untruths that mislead the body of Christ then you have to be able to recognize truth first and hold everything you hear and see up to that truth — you have to know what the bible says. If you think you have this gift, really know what the Bible says so that you can use your gift at your local church.

    1. Thank u for confirming. I was starting to sense a spirit of confusion with some of these comments. Remember God is not the author of confusion. I am praying with u all. Gods love and peace that passes all understanding. Yes i do realize this post is old 😉

  28. I was blessed with the gift of discerment from a very young age. I always thought of it as the ablity to judge situations and people really well. But sense I have come into a relaitonship with God I see that it is indeed the gift of discernment. I have a question for others, How do you continue to use your gift without going stark raving mad! Let me explain a little! There are situations when I can see right through someone and what they are saying and the spirit from which it comes. Yet they continue to put on a “show”. It is all I can do to keep from calling them out and making known their true spirit. I end up even more angry after dealing with them, to the extent I feel like they are not only lying but disrespecting God and mocking His Word. How do you handle situations like that?

    1. I do not deal with them nor waste my time nor breath on them. If they are fake they will be handled in due time as they should. If you really feel the need to speak up, you voice your opinion but be sure to keep respect for them and remembering that someone else might feel the same towards you. So with this… do unto others as you would have them do unto you comes into play. Hope this helps. I tend to put myself. In others shoes first in trying to see or understand the picture or problem while remembering what He would want me to do.

    2. i have this same problem. it is so utterly obvious to me when someone is under the influence of particular sins i wonder if im really perceptive or everyone else is just really determined to delude themselves. i once got so upset about the blatant disregard and lack of fear this one person displayed for God in their self delusion that I consulted with a person I suspected of having the gift of prophecy, a fellow christan. We cried and prayed passionately and both began prophesying. that person got metaphorically backhanded by God in exactly the way we spoke it to the smallest detail a few months later. bare your heart to God about even the silliest things . the silliest offenses and He listens, like a father listening to a child’s frustrations, and responds.

  29. I really gained a lot from this lecture. I now know I have if. I know I also have the gift of healing. The first time I prayed for somebody, I felt fire from my shoulder down to my fingers immidiately I became afriad and removed my hands and since then I have never had such encounter but whenever I pray people receive their healing. Pls I still need advice.

  30. I am a born Catholic however, now I do not claim a religion because of not agreeing with some things I’ve seen, heard, read, or experienced or do not feel that certain feeling I believe I should feel when attending services. I do get that feeling when listening to the word of God but not with the religion itself. I don’t know if anyone understands. But anyways… I DO believe in God and Jesus Christ. And I do live my life as I believe and feel as He wants me to. And I do believe I have found my purpose being here on earth. I have experienced a lot of negativity as a child into adulthood. And I learned or rather chose to use them to better myself into becoming what I am not. So I cannot and will not say I resent experiencing them. But I have noticed in the past few years that I UNDERSTAND people when they describe hardships or pain or something negative and I have noticed long ago that I would get feelings of what not to do (which I mostly did anyways only to wish I had listened to myself) then later noticing people’s emotions or thoughts through their expressions, talk, or actions which led to me “feeling” things from people and feeling this need to reach out and say a certain something in which ended up in them crying. And crying for the good. That online. Yesterday, I read a post of someone talking about our love for God and our intentions and how we serve Him and etc and it got me thinking. Later onlast night I started feeling different. Like I found my way home when I posted about how I overcome obsticles and using it to bettering myself with that person responding with the Spirit of Discernment and me having it. The person whose post I had read earlier yesterday. When I looked it up…. I felt like I finally understood myself more. And I do believe as I had stated earlier that I know my purpose here. To help others. To lift them back up and help them have hope and strength to keep pushing forwards and be touched by God. I do not claim to be holy or religious but I do know I am one of his children and a servant of His. My question… is there anyone else who feels like I do and isn’t in a certain faith/religion? And please nobody try to push religion on me because I believe, that God does not care what you claim as long as you claim Him and lives by Him. Otherwise in doing so…. you will make me resent your religion and call you fake because I believe… to live by Him, you help guide others and accept them not claiming a religion you having the faith that if it is so… it will happen. Help?

  31. Hello all I believe all who have spiritual disernment are warriors for GOD giant slayers govornment giants financal giants oil and mineing giants that destroy the world for as it was in the days of noah giants roamed and destroyed the earth. And there was men of renown but its not wise to call one evil since satans apostles are able to apear as apostles of Christ and its no marvel for satan him self is transformed into an angel of light

  32. I am on a spiritual quest in order to get closer to God. This web page has granted me access to information I can use while teaching. It is concise, well written, and very easy to comprehend. I believe that many of us are having Spiritual epiphanies, and we are looking for validation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, and may God Bless you.

  33. I discovered I had this gift recently, I’ve always known I had something different, for years I had spiritual experiences, but everytime I brought it up to my parish priest I was told it was nothing,I would like to communicate with others who have this gift,I have not met anyone yet, I’m sure if they truly have this gift and I share what has happened in my life they would know in a second.

  34. Discernment between Function and Dysfunction is the Knowledge of Good and Evil and eating its fruits is the fruits of the flesh. Discernment of the spirit is knowing when one has eaten the fruits of the “Discernment between Function and Dysfunction” or the fruits of the tree of Life, the one of Faith in God. To have this gift is to notice those Angry, Anxious, Depressed, Proud, or Jealous. For these are the fruits when someone knows something is wrong and allows their emotions to become unstable and their everlasting house falls. Forgiveness and Acceptance starts their house again.

    1. Hey, Jeff. You are completely out of touch with reality and spirituality. Almost everything you said is wrong and nonsensical.

  35. I have the gift of decernment of spirit,I discovered what this gift was after having a huge experience, all my life I never know why I experienced these things,I told people close to me God talked to me in different ways also I knew that I would get attacked,I live in Kansas, if there is anyone in Kansas city area I would like to talk,I have yet to meet anyone with this gift, also from what I have known, the Catholic church does not no very much in this gift,I have met different priest and none know exactly what this gift is.

    1. I have found that most people in general don’t know anything about this gift but a spirit filled church would have a knowledge of it. Just to be clear when I say spirit filled I mean one that talks in tongues like the Pentecostals but not limited to only that religion. Im not in Kansas but Im in Louisiana and would love to be able to help you in anyway I can here is my email if you want to message me then we can go from there I have been dealing with this gift since I was a little girl and my best friend also has this gift as well as my church teaches about it

  36. I never considered myself especially religious. In 1993, I was working as a police officer in San Francisco, CA. I especially love that city, because it is a complete melting pot of ethnicity, religion, customs, etc…, but everyone seems to get along well, for the most part. I enjoyed experiencing all the various types of food restaurants available because of the diverse population.

    I had never tried Persian food, it was lunch time and I was hungry, and a Persian restaurant was right there, so I went in. Upon being seated by the waiter, one table in front of me sat two men dressed in traditional men’s Muslim Clothing. I have pretty much been a live and let live type of person, and never really harbored any resentments against anyone. Upon looking at one of the men, I couldn’t stop staring. I felt cold chills running up and down by body, and felt “goosebumps.” Something about this man made me feel he was absolutely evil. I couldn’t explain why, I had never met him, I just felt this way. I ordered and finished my food, but felt so uncomfortable the whole time.

    Many years later, I saw the exact same man on television, shortly after the 9/11 attacks. I had sat in the same restaurant with, and felt uncomfortable around Osama Bin Laden. This was the man in the restaurant in 1993. I know this sounds outrageous, but keep in mind in 1995, Osama Bin Laden’s brother-in-law, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, was arrested in San Franciso, and later extradited to Jordan.

    I have often felt or considered this experience may have been a “spirit of discernment,” but is rather odd, in that I don’t consider myself religious.

    Any thoughts?

    1. it is very likely that your spirit picked up on the evil of his even people without the gift of discerning can sometimes pick up on things as that. for instance my husband is pretty much dead to the spiritual side of things he sees as black and white no grey areas. my mom doesn’t have the gift of discernment and one time this guy that was dating someone in our family would come around and she would tell me she didn’t know why but she didn’t want him in her home anymore. Of course I knew why he was a drug addict and with that comes demonic influences this guy was being tormented by spirits even my husband could tell something wasn’t right. its the same as when you come in contact with someone that is highly anointed by God you just feel it and the same happens with evil.

  37. When I was a young child I would have nightmares about demons attacking me and would literally see them in my closet watching me . being I was young I didn’t understand it and my parents thought I had a vivid imagination. Once I really got into church as a young adult my gift started to blossom more and I began to understand it. Luckily for me God gave my best friend the same gift and we learned together. Most people when dealing with discerning of spirits don’t realize that we actually deal with demons and sometimes angels. We also depending on the persons walk with God have the ability to pull peoples emotions. For instance I have been around someone that I didn’t know they came into my work and I started a simple conversation with them. I asked how they were doing. the man replied he was ok but I felt his true emotions he was severely depressed and had a brokenness in him. I held it together until he left then I believe I went into travailing for him to God. I took on all his pain I could feel it like it was my own it was so strong and gut wrenching I couldn’t do anything but weep hysterically in the spirit. This gift is really a wonderful gift to have as it requires you to have a deep connection with God and it seems to me that it is connected to all spiritual gifts. Im not sure if this is just my friend and me or if all of us with discerning of spirits have it work this way but we have elements of every gift to a level . not saying we excel in them all but we pull from them and even operate in them more then just once here and there . I keep trying to find something to better explain this gift and to help us to learn more about it and better help others understand it but cant seem to find anything but the bare basics on it . From my personal experience and the experience of others I know the basics don’t even begin to cover this gift.

    1. I highly recommend Bondage Breaker and Victory Over Darkness both by Neil Anderson. They are full of insights regarding Demonic activity and living in the truth of God’s word.

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