Share Your Testimony About Your Spiritual Gift

4/18/07 – From Marty:

God has used me for His gift of healing. I would go on to say the gift of miracles as well. I’ve witnessed cures from terminal cancer and other miraculous recoveries all at the hand of God when was made His instrument. I was and remain in total awe His glory.

4/17/07 – From John:

Hello, My name is John and I would like to tell you about how it seems that GOD uses me. I seem to know when I am around another Christian even if I don’t physically see them. I drive for a living and use the c.b. radio when I drive, I usaully know who I am supposed to talk to and for the most part waht about. I have interpretted dreams and seem to be able to counsel very well especially in psycology its like I know the answer, GOD seems to have a message to give to others and am the vessel of speaking. I also am very sensitive to others problems and take them home with me(so to speak)This sensitivity sometimes wreaks havoc on my emotions in which I need to vacate from or brings me to a state of depression. I am a volunteer at our local prison in which I do 1 on 1 counseling and also preach 2 or 3 saturdays a month. Overall I just seem to know the answer which freaks my son out, He has gone to school for psycology and I usually know whats going on with someone long before He does. I really don’t know what my gift or gifts are But, It seems I’ll yearn to pray or to go to some who are sick and pray for healing. My heart yearns to help those who are addicts, its like I look into the eyes of people and I can just tell. But the eyes …the eyes…..the eyes have so much pain

 Let’s hear from you. How are you using your Spiritual Gifts? CLICK HERE to share your own testimony of Spiritual Gifts.

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