Go With Your Spiritual Strengths

Paul shares with us that each of us has a Spiritual Gift. Peter shares that we should stir up the gifts that we have. And yet we don’t spend much time trying to find out what they are or how to use them. There is a good example in the secular world. It is “Go With Your Strengths.” I love the concept. We are so bent on trying to be good at things that we are mediocre in that we don’t take advantage of what we are really good at. We suffer, the companies we work for suffer. Nobody wins. It’s like telling a dog that runs fast that it needs to improve on it’s swimming and telling a duck that is good at swimming that it needs better grades in running. What good does it do? How much better to let the dog become a great runner and the duck a great swimmer.

We are the same. We have so many talents and yet we are busy working in areas we are okay in, never functioning in our best capacity. How much more in the Spiritual arena of life. Why? Because in the world we at least know what we are good at. Most of us don’t have a clue what Spiritual Gifts we have. And when we do, we don’t know how to use them or get better at them.

Today take a look at the gifts on the side bar. Check them out. Go ahead and download our book and take our tests. And then start finding out ways to use your gifts. Isn’t time we start using our Spiritual Strengths that God has given us?

2 thoughts on “Go With Your Spiritual Strengths”

  1. This makes a lot of sense. I find exhortation as a gift to be evident both in passion and experience as opposed to prophecy for which I have a lot of passion but very little experience. I have chosen to run with what is here now the other one will catch up along the journey. Thanks for these suggestions.

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