How Conscious Are You of Your Spiritual Gifts?

It is easy to find myself at the end of the day and never once think about my Spiritual Gifts.  I mean, was I even trying to walk in the Spirit? It’s easy to let the spiritual side of you sit on the back burner. Time flies by. Personally, I spend a lot of time on the phone. And then there are meetings. Half my life seems like it is putting out fires -(Hmm . . . Maybe that has something to do with my Spiritual Gift?)

Hold it. Could there be some truth to the above parentheses? Perhaps Spiritual Gifts aren’t something I “make time” for, like extracurricular activities? Maybe I just live them.

Think about it, if you are passionate about what you are doing, if you feel like you are conscious of God working through you or that He is part of the picture, if you feel like you are in a natural flow or are in the zone, maybe you are using one of the Spiritual Gifts in you?

THe answer to this is to be more aware of being spiritual and conscious of God in all that I do. I need to be more focused about using (or better yet, “being”) the “gifts” He has given me, even at work. The Lord knows we need to release His gifts into the world that we work, live and play in. Spiritual Gifts are not just for church.

Anyways, how about you? Were you aware of any Spiritual Gifts in your life today? If not, there is tomorrow. I am going to talk to God about tomorrow. I am going to ask Him to make me conscious of the gifts He has given me.



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