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Empower Ministry
The goal of Empower Ministry is to provide materials to empower people to live their God-given potential. Special emphasis is on working with the church so that their congregation can be living a spiritually and emotionally resilient life being a witness to the world around them. Two scriptures state what the theme of Empower Ministry is.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength (empowers me). Philippians 4:13 (NLT)

Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight (understanding).
Proverbs 4:7

We believe that the Bible gives wisdom, our goal is to help people develop the insight! We do this through literature, webinars and public speaking.

About Ron Ovitt
Ron Ovitt has an eclectic ministry background that makes his teaching unique. He was the Executive Director of Youth for Christ in Lima, Ohio, giving him a wide range of teaching, preaching, program and event experience. He subsequently moved to Chicago to serve as a Youth Pastor and pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Trinity International University and graduate work in clinical psychology at Wheaton College.
Combining his love for ministry and social causes, Ron took a director’s position with World Relief before becoming Vice President of Development for Central Baptist Children’s Home. Fulfilling his passion to help churches become involved in the needs of poor communities, Ron served as Vice President of Adventures in Missions and founded Walk the Talk Ministries. Ron then became Executive Pastor and Missions Pastor at Calvary Church in Orland Park, Illinois. It was there that Ron created a church system to help people use their skills, spiritual gifts and passions in community outreach.

With a background in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology Ron is an excellent Recovery Coach and has created a successful recovery ministry. He is an author and currently teaches a successful one year program called, Emotional Resilience, Living with the Fruit of the Spirit. He specializes in overcoming emotional strongholds, habits, and addictions. He has also developed an emotional healing process called Emotional Relearning and MindSkills.

Ron is currently President of Empower Ministry and makes his home in Palos Heights, Illinois with his wife Janine. They have three adult sons that live in Illinois and Kansas.


Emotional Resilience: Living with the Fruit of the Spirit
Activate: A Database for Mobilizing Churches for Missions
Moment in the Word: Daily Moments That Feed Your Soul
Wired for Ministry: Activate your Passions, Experience and Abilities
The Five Signs of a Healthy Christian

For questions or to have Ron Ovitt speak at your organization or Church contact him at:
Empower Ministry
12540 S. 68th Ct., Palos Heights, IL 60463

Get Your FREE Spiritual Gifts Survey
Having been in the ministry my whole life I have seen God use His Spiritual Gifts in many wonderful exciting ways through people just like you and me. But sadly most Christians know nothing of their giftedness. The result is that the majority of Christians are not involved in ministry. This has caused the church to be woefully short on fulfilling the mission that Christ gave to us, that is to love the world. I believe part of this is due to the fact that we do not teach about the Spiritual Gifts.
Now, I will be the first one to say that the topic of Spiritual Gifts is full of ambiguity and is difficult to understand, but we must try. If the church is going to be relevant in the future then we must be involved in ministry using the gifts that He has given us.
I invite you to go to www.empowerministry.org/gifts and download your FREE Spiritual Gifts survey. We also offer Gifted, Understanding My Spiritual Gifts for only $4.99 by clicking here and Wired for Ministry which goes into more detail for only $6.95 by clicking here

You can also subscribe for the FREE RSS feed of this Blog. And then, let’s go viral! Send this Blog link, www.spiritualgifts.wordpress.com to everyone you know that could benefit from it. Together, exercising the Gifts He empowers us with, we can be the salt and light that Jesus intended us to be.
Ron Ovitt

Contact Information
Empower Ministry
12540 S. 68th Ct., Palos Heights, IL 60463



9 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Sister Stacie sent this information to me as I am very blessed reading it. This information is vital for my spiritual growth in our body of Christ which is the Bible Studies Outreach Ministry. Thank you

  2. I have spiritual gifts. I see things before they happen and know things without knowing. I hear things unspoken and just know what I am supposed to know when I know it. I have been able to do this since I was 7 years old, I am 37 now. I have had a major series of visions and acquired much information from my visions pertaining to a specific individual and a series of events that led to me having the visions. GOD has given me many gifts besides visions. My visions are my strongest gift, though I am humbly appreciative and grateful that GOD loves me and trusts me enough with the gifts that have been granted to me, a flaw filled individual who is an imperfectly-perfect being. Though, I want to learn how to control my visions. Is there a way that I can make them come when I want or need them to come or am I just the vessel used? If that is the case, I will continue to be satisfied with that. I looked you up because I want to learn what to do with my gifts other then how GOD uses them in my life already. I know I was created with a ‘special’ purpose because I have been ‘different’ all my life from a child to an adult. For the mean time, I just continue to follow the Most High in all ways that I am lead in the Spirit.

    1. hi sunshine
      i dont know you but by reading what you sent,i just want to say to you, you have a powerful gift that the lord has giving you i wish and pray it was me that had that gift. Our God is an awesome God and he saw it fit to give you the gift of visions to help people and the church so be in courage and contineu to give God all the praise and glory keep the faith. desiree from grand cayman
      if you want you can email me at filing_2@queensgate.com.ky or jaheimbbordas@hotmail.com

    2. Sunshine,
      Thank you for your e-mail. We get e-mail from all around the world and it seems that the gift of Prophecy in one in particular that people are curious about. For whatever reason God chose not to give us a manual on the various gifts. However, He did give us the Holy Spirit and the Church. This is crucial. The Bible makes it clear that God is not a God of confusion. Paul writes to the Corinth church, where there was some struggles with the gifts, and seems to give some order to the use of gifts. Here are a few suggestions to help with your gifting.
      1. Do not exercise the gifts by yourself. Submit yourself to a local church and those in authority there. Work with others who are mature in the Lord so when you exercise your gift there is a checks and balance. Gifts were made to be used the parts of a body. They work together for the purpose of the body. So have someone with the gift of discernment and another with the gift of teacher and perhaps a person with gifts of knowledge. This way you can get their impressions. We are spiritual beings and can have impressions, visions and predicitions that are manifested in our own mind. We need others to help us discern what is from God and what He is trying to do. It is a beautiful thing to work together.
      2. Do not contradict the scriptures. I believe the Bible is our guide in these matters and God will not contradict what He has already made plain in His written word.
      3. The use of Gifts are on God’s timing and He is committed to our growth. Santification is a growth process and God wll continue to help us mature and grow in Him as we use the gifts.

      I am working on a book on How To Use The Spiritual Gifts and will make available soon. I pray that God will help you in your walk with Him and using the gifts He has given you.
      Ron Ovitt

  3. Hello Ron so good to know you are there and teaching on this subject, I believe I have giftings and know im called to intercede for people etc, My first ever confirmation was prayer ministry. For the last few years however I believe father has been showing me things unseen, my friends say this is discenrmwnt and at times i see things in people that are not good, ive been greatly disturbed many times but continue to pray and share with father. I long for more understanding though, and at times have felt “Bad” is this me? is it God? am i a bad person? I feel really that it has to be God showing me as your not looking at people. Glad you are there as i said before, im hoping that ill will be able to undersatnd better, sometimes I feel quite isolated . laura

    1. Laura,
      We tend to forget that the gifts were made to be used in the body of believers. That meant that my gift would work with yours and yours with another persons. Therefore if something was “discerned” another could have a “word of knowledge” for the person, another could teach, another could show mercy while another lead the person. It can be troublesome if we just see our gift alone. Discerning that something is wrong in another is easily turned into judgement if not given back to God for Him to do as He wills.
      When we discern it should be with God’s results in mind. We usually associate God’s prophetic with judgement, yet scripture makes it clear that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. I would encourage you to use your gift of discernment with solutions in mind. How can God use His gift in you for restoration, healing and wholeness. Who can you partner with in your church to help the people God is bringing to you.
      Remember God knows what He is doing and He knows that we are human and have to go through a process of maturation with these gifts.
      God bless you Laura.
      Ron Ovitt

  4. Thank you so much for making this information available on your website. I was searching for some information on the gift of encouragement to give a friend and came upon your website. I found your information to be sound and will share this information in my churches new members class. Thanks also for providing it free of charge. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry with more than enough.

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