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  1. Dear in Christ,
    Amoon Evangelical Ministry of Pakistan is working to promote Word of God in Pakistan and is always trying to find new ways which could be used to reach people in Pakistan. We are a team of young motivated and dedicated persons who are using their skills to glorify the name of Jesus Christ.
    A group of devoted members in our ministry are working to translate,Proof reading books from English language to Urdu, Punjabi languages so the Word of God which is in English language written by the International Scholars and Pastors could also be available to the people of Pakistan which could make them stronger in their faith. They are doing the translation work with very zeal and interest although they are receiving very low honorarium.

    We can translate:
    Christian Religious Books
    Christian Literature
    Christian Booklets
    Personal Document Translation (birth or marriage certificates, passports, death certificates, etc.)
    Educational Document Translation (diplomas, certificates, grade records, etc.)
    Personal Letter Translation
    Personal Email Translation
    Any Other Correspondence Translation
    Christian Book Translation
    Christian Seminar Book Translation
    Christian Promotional Materials Translation
    Christian eBook Translation
    Evangelism Materials Translation (announcements, invitations, posters, banners, etc.)
    and others you can think of
    If you think that we can help you and you have any Christian material which could benefit people of Pakistan and glory the name of OUR LORD Jesus Christ and you take interest and want to ministry work with us you can contact with us. Please remember that all the financial support will go to the projects and Ministry work of Amoon Evangelical Ministries. We will use it for the free Bible and free Books Distribution, Pastors support, Evangelism, Outreach, Sunday schools, also we need free books , free Bibles etc, .Please send us free Urdu material for free Distribution.also send us Urdu,Punjabi translation work for Muslim country. We welcome you open ministry in Pakistan and welcome you for preaching.

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    God bless you.
    Your well wisher,

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