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Share about your Spiritual Gifts.Our goal is share as much as we know about Spritual Gifts. YOU CAN HELP. Simply click on the link below and follow the easy instructions. You can write about your experience with your gifts and you can also dial the toll-free number and record your response. As we collect the various testimonies we will post them under the appropriate Spiritual Gift.

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  1. When I felt the urge in my heart to find my ministry I prayed and asked God to reveal that to me. I had an idea but after prayer and giving him all my dreams and desires he dropped everything I needed to get me going in the purpose he has for my life including this website. I found it in the 101 finding Gods purpose for your life. For only a dollar from the dollar store I have information with millions, just by being sensitve to the holy spirits directions to go to the dollar store that day, I was looking for a journal I always get them cheaper there, God had more in store for me.
    I have found out that I am moving the right direction in my spiritual gifting, which include Prophesy, Encouragment and Wisdom and Discernment.

  2. Sharon Hurdell says:

    I am not sure about my spiritual gift but when visiting evangelists or in our church if something is not right with the word of God, I know it right away even though I don’t have much experience with the bible and I have been led to the Bible Desktop download and the BibleGateway online bible and other Christian sites which have been a great help in my understanding and explaining which to me, I am led by God to these answers.
    Also, when I was at church tonight, I was sitting beside these people, I was prompted by the spirit to go to the one and place my hand on her forehead and say “Be thou healed”.
    I knew that she hadn’t been attending church regular for awhile but I thought it was something to do with panic attacks or something like that.
    In talking with her daughter afterwards, she told me her mom was just diagnosed with colon cancer.
    I’m not sure how serious that is as cancer is not a nice word. I lost my husband to a brain tumor 3+ years ago.
    So I am not sure that this means I have the healing gift or what exactly that meant. I am so new to this.
    When an evangelist was here he said that he would teach us how to speak in tongues but the Holy Spirit told me, it wasn’t for me. I guess that is because we were already speaking from what I understand.

  3. John Benson says:

    As a “sinner” I have walked this life not caring much about my survival on earth or in my after life. My battles became many and my faith became nonexistent. I know my earthly acts will prevent me from going to Heaven if I did not do what I need to do now. Jesus has never let me go however, I was given a gift that I do not understand and for awhile I have questioned my sanity. Still to this day I wait and fall several times into old habits but I still wait. Jesus has shown Himself to me in many forms. Visions followed with powerful touches of the Holy Spirit. Why me??? I am a poor example of a Christian I openly and willingly offend God I just don’t understand what He wants and what I should do. My wife who is a non believer in my faith often tells me that my hands are so “hot” when I touch her she feels the warmth and I wonder if this is a gift or again a figment of my imagination. Last year at this time I was very sick with two Tick borne bacterias Lyme and Babisiosis together went undiagnosed and made me sick for over a year. That is when I gave up on Jesus. During my illness I felt a presence of evil that would shake my body and attack me with anxiety. I am asking for prayers maybe I am mentally ill if that is the case pray for a healing or if there is a gift pray that it maybe used in His favor. Thank you for reading this and peace to all.

    • Sharon Hurdell says:

      Do not give up no matter what.
      We go through trials for various reasons, to teach us so we may better serve God, by evil trying to make us lose faith or by our own actions or decisions.
      I have been through so much over the past year, I could write a book on it.
      I no longer have a business, no job, no income other than to barely cover the necessities of living. Various people have given me food over this time, my family collected to have my hydro re-connected, but still I am thankful to our Lord, Jesus Christ for taking care of me and for keeping my faith strong.
      Have you read the book of Job?
      As for being a poor example of a Christian, I was told by the Holy Spirit, not to become as the Pharisees of the Bible but to rely on the author of the Bible, God.
      I too, had thought I was losing my sanity, but God has put me back on His path.
      I have been on this walk since February 2009 and have recently been led to the fact that God blesses those who patiently wait.
      I pray that all is still well with you & give thanks that He takes of His children through it all.
      I also pray for your wife that she is saved and comes to understand our Saviours great love.

  4. Voice says:

    grace and peace to all.who love Christ.i have a gift i have never heard of elsewhere.i can smell the presence of God and also his anointing which is peculiar to every carrier of the anointing.the holy fragnance is so real and sweet.i experience it when i am praying, when i visit a place of worship or when i meet anointed beings.i also experience prophetic utterances but i lack mentorship and understanding.God told me he shall send someone to help me so if some true prophet of God who is not afraid to be tested feels led to help me, contact me at am a very confused young man, if you can please help

  5. Onukogu Jude says:

    I am confused abt my gifts. I see visions abt events n d future. I think I hear God’s still voice occasionally. I v great compassion n an urge to heal d sick. I even do regular fasting praying for their healing. Suddenly, I developed d urge to prophesy to ppl n I v seen a prophesy come thru. I v prayed n desired speaking/singing in tongues yet nothing happened. Instead, i weep n shake uncontrollably sometimes though unconsciously when in worship. I need a guide

    • Sharon says:

      Onukogu Jude: I am sorry but because of the way you have worded your post it is hard to understand. Are you saying that you seek to speak/sing in tongues?
      All gifts are valuable but if you will read the NT esp. of a KJV bible as it is the closest to the original word of the Bible. Not that all Bibles are wrong but depending on what version you are using some revised editions leave a lot out of them esp. for those who are new to God’s Word which then leaves them not receiving the full picture but actually stunts their growth in God. If you really want to know God’s will for you, ask.
      All I know thus far in to be in service of others for myself. The Bible clearly states that one who speaks in tongues is in spiritual communication with God and unless they can interpret to others who hear the communication or have someone else there who can, then it should be kept to themselves. Also if the communication does not edify the others and they are involved in a teaching/worship then it should be kept to yourself so as not to interrupt the worship of others.
      It is alright to seek direct dialogue with God as He would rather that His children seek Him than fallible mankind who is so prone to errors or have not progressed to the stage except that of one who is still in the milk and not advanced to the meat.
      I have also experience the uncontrollable weeping in worship service and as a fellow christian explained that God comes close and fills you with the spirit of worship so great that it overcomes you in tears and great adoration.
      The greatest guide that one can accept who will never steer you wrong is our Lord Jesus Christ who was our sample we should follow from His walk here on earth. God will answer as Jesus said before He was taken up that He would send the comforter who is in everyone of us.

    • Sharon says:

      weeping & shaking are signs of being imbued with the Holy Spirit. It is your spirit showing the joy of the Lord.

  6. debbie says:

    I recently was told I have the gift of discernment but im not sure I see things that terrify me I can seem to detect demonic things I see them and hear them they terrify me its been there my whole life a have a good sence of good and evil ive been the theropy for many years but recently was told I have this gift im so afraid of it. how can I know if its a mental illness or this gift I can also read people real easy and I can seem to feel peoples emotions as if im going through there pain.i really want to understand whats going on with me im so confused. I don’t no anyone like me my family makes fun of me or thinks im lying I have no where to turn.

    • shurdell says:

      Discerning of Spirits – This is the supernatural ability to distinguish between spirits such as good and evil, truthful or deceiving, prophetic versus satanic.

      What God knows Satan also knows. You can see and feel these spirits but Satan smells your fear.
      When you walk with God there should be no fear for your God is the Lord God Almighty above whom there is no other.
      When you come to know God you can tell these evil spirits that you don’t fear them because Jesus defeated Satan at the cross when He was crucified and Satan and all his minions therefore have no power over mankind. It is your mind giving them power but in Jesus name they become nought. Many are diagnosed as mentally unstable because of their gifts. If you can reason as to whether or not you are mad then you are not mad as I often wonder at times also and I am definitely not mad. 😉

      About 5/6 years ago I was assailed by spirits so that I could not sleep at night and always around the same time I would get thrown out of bed by a spirit telling me to get up and get out as there was going to be a great spiritual warfare and the one speaking said he could not guarantee my safety so I seldom slept and was becoming a walking zombie even if I ventured near my room I could feel great evil emanating from there. I would usually go to my computer and read the Bible until one night or morn I should say I thought What am I doing, who is my God and what did He say? I will never leave you nor forsake you, call on me and I will be there in a blink of an eye, I am not a God of fear, I will keep you and protect you; so I went back to my bedroom and said God would you take care of those lying spirits please, I need to get some sleep. I crawled into bed and as I was dozing off into a deep sleep the spirits tried again to take control and I said, God! and they went away never to return.
      Read your bible. When I have something bothering me I search the term such as demons, spirits, evil, protection, God’s promises and hold onto those promises and ask God how you can use those gifts to support His cause.
      There have been times when I sense great evil but I pay them no heed always asking God to deal with them in whatever manner He sees fit.
      There have been times when I have felt fear or an uneasiness while out walking and if I have no choice but to keep going I pray for God’s protection else I take another route or sometimes someone else is doing something and I tell them what I sense and to be careful and if they can avoid going then they shouldn’t.
      One year I felt this heartache and all the praying wouldn’t remove it. It was very deep and pitiful and I had a feeling after a few deaths in the community it was pain for one of my own so I told my sons, my parents, my siblings and their children to be careful as something bad was in the air. I prayed for God to protect those I love for He told me that whom I loved He loved also and that He would love and care for them as He did me and I told Him that if it must come to pass not to allow their life to be taken as I couldn’t bare the heartache of losing another son. One morning I got a call that my son was trying to reach me as there was an accident but he was okay.
      He was in another community as he was a crab fisherman and that was where they were based out of so I searched for him by phone until I finally found him. His crew mate had been pulled overboard with the gear and they couldn’t get close enough to pull him out as they were in deep sea and the swells kept sweeping him further away. The skipper told my son they would just have to leave him as he didn’t figure he was even alive now and he couldn’t get close enough as he was afraid to have his body pulled into the propeller which would slice him all up instead.
      My son thought of his family that would mourn him and the heartache they would feel for not being able to lay him to rest so he pulled off his gear and jumped over as he was a good swimmer. He managed to get to him and headed back to the boat with him in tow. It was a long swim fighting heavy tide so he managed to get him along side the boat and the skipper threw down a rope which he wrapped around his crew mate but he was too tired from the swim so he told the skipper to pull his mate up but he was letting go cause he just couldn’t hold on any more and the skipper was very small and not strong enough to pull them both up.
      My son said a rogue swell came out of nowhere and just about deposited him and his crew mate right on deck. God’s protection! and the mournful feeling disappeared after that incident.

      Mercy – Those with the motivational gift of mercy are the “heart” of the body. They easily sense the joy or distress in other people and are sensitive to feelings and needs. They are attracted to and patient with people in need, motivated by a desire to see people healed of hurts. They are truly meek in nature and avoid firmness.

      Accept your gift and fear not. What God has given you as a talent(s) he also imbues you with the ability to carry through.
      When you accept your gifts they become more tolerable.
      When one of my brothers moved home after living away for years he came back disillusioned getting off of cocaine/heroine (I can never remember which is which but they one they take up through their nostrils I believe), very lost and angry and suddenly losing his health. He is 5 years younger than I but looked much older but he was going through so much I asked him if I could pray for him and I did then he was leaving to go home and I asked him if I could give him a hug which I did then he left. No sooner he was out the door then an anger came over me like I could kill someone, I wanted to start throwing things around in my house, cussing and cursing and I though Oh God what is wrong with me. It was so unbearable I went to bed to sleep it off as I became very tired also. I woke up later that evening feeling a lot better and thought back on what happened. I was reading the bible on spirits and came across where the evil spirits jumped on these men and realized that was what had happened to me.
      Later that week the same brother came back to visit and I prayed and hugged him again before he left and with the same results only not so strong that I had to sleep it off.
      Before all this he was very antagonistic, down right miserable and blame God and the whole world for his troubles. He would argue with me and taunt me over my belief in God and say I didn’t know what I was talking about, misconstrue the bible and argue even when I showed him the truth in the bible.
      I noticed after that that he had calmed down immensely and actually found reason to laugh and had started praying to God himself.
      When you have fears or questions, ask God. He is the creator and the finisher. He does answer sometimes immediately and sometimes long after. I have notebooks full of what I learned from studying His Word and asking him questions. He answers in many ways by all your senses so don’t expect to find it all in one place but when He answers He will bring to remembrance the question you asked and you will know that it is the answer.

      Hugs and prayers
      as for the family members or others Jesus said they reviled me before they reviled you and you are blessed

    • michelle says:

      I think you also have the gift of mercy, I read that people with this gift are able to sympathize with people who are suffering. we should work together , my gift is exhortation. I see suffering as a chance to learn something. I lack mercy that makes me overbearing. but I have no practice yet been converted just October this year. i think discernment is really cool you could tell if someone is lying about scriptures. and yep you can sense demonic spirits which i’m also afraid of because I’m scared easily too. I want healing and tongues but I think i don’t have the right motives. is it wrong to have the miracle of healing to heal my dad of COPD , he doesn’t quit smoking and already set his mind that there is no cure, but I believe God exist, i know God can heal him. but no answer T.T. I think my motives are wrong but what should I do? I also want to learn tongues I really want to talk to God privately the stupid devil has been confusing me with his lies. I manage to cast him out of my mind from time to time but he keeps cropping back. can’t watch TV like a normal person anymore. don’t worry my family thinks I’m insane too but so far I’m normal.

  7. debbie says:

    Your story was truely touching im glad the wave came and saved your son and the skipper. i often feel like im drowning in the sea. I felt the dispare your son felt as if i was the one going through it. and as far as the terrifying things i see im unable to cry out for im paralized with fear i just cant seem to think or move i also have a problem letting people pray for me it gives me such anxiety that i feel like something is gonna rip out of my chest my heart rases so bad i feel like ill have a heart attack. then comes the panic attack they are so bad i finally had to stop letting people pray over me. im trying to learn how to figure this out. i feel so awkward and scared and alone.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Debbie:
      You are fighting between two worlds, God’s and Satans. Although what others say means nothing when you walk with God, if you allow it their words cut through to your soul especially since you have dealt with this since childhood.
      You are never alone as God said, I will never leave you nor forsake you. You must choose who you will listen to. Jesus said, The devil is a liar and the father of lies.
      Do NOT believe the lies when you get that feeling in your heart just calling Jesus’ name with authority will dispel the evil spirit.
      I have experienced so much in my short lifetime I should write a book maybe! but I have had experience with these mischievous spirits a few times once when my brother hung himself, the same day we laid him to rest I went to our store as we owned a business and was chatting with my husband and sons when suddenly I felt very tired so I told them I was going home for a nap as it was mid-afternoon. I was just settling into a comfortable sleep then I suddenly heard my brother who we had just buried laughing and talking in the living room. I just about sprung out of bed to run and see him then remembered that we had just laid him to rest so I settled back down and asked God to take care of the lying spirits and immediately all went quiet again as I was home alone.
      A few years later I was heavy into the Bible and communing with God when all of a sudden one night when I was going to bed I heard this voice say Get up and get out of here. We don’t know if we can protect you. There is a heavy spiritual battle happening over you.
      This went on for days and I was fortunate if I managed to get 4 hours sleep a night so I was getting pretty worn down. Even if I went to the washroom which was next to my bedroom I would feel evil coming from my room so I stayed out until it was daybreak and then wearily crawl into bed for a few hours.
      Then on one such night the same event I was sitting at my computer just tired and wanting to sleep as the voice told me not to sleep because I needed to be alert in case anything happens then I got to thinking What am I doing? My God is the Lord God Almighty so what do I have to fear? I went to my bed and said in my mind, God I have faith that you have defeated Satan at the cross by the blood of Jesus and I have no reason to fear evil so I am going to bed
      It was like ‘boom’ it was so quiet and void of the hell I had been experiencing. I crawled into bed giving thanks to God and I felt a niggle of evil again and I just said, God will you please take care of that and curled up for the first good night sleep I had had in a long while.
      When my husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma tumor of the brain he could see people who were going to die as they were diagnosed terminally ill and a number of them would congregate in his room. He told me that sometimes he would let this one man use his body to rest because the man’s body was so constantly racked in pain he couldn’t stand it so my husband let him use his so he could have rest. When this all started occurring he also became very fearful at times and told me he could see evil people when he was in bed reaching up from below and trying to pull him down with them and he was really scared of them. One morning he woke me up and said You better come see this but as I turned over to face him I could see the reflections of flames in his room. I jumped up and got the fire extinguisher and put the fire out on his bed.
      He apologized but he said demons were coming out of all the corners of his bed and were trying to take him down with them so he set the bed on fire to get rid of them.
      I didn’t know what to say so I told him that at one time he believed in God and would pray to him so I told him to pray and ask God to protect you and take away the evil demons.
      Some days later we were talking and he told me he no longer sees the demons but the people who were dead and the dying ones were still there except the one he shared his body with as that one had died but the house was getting full of the dead and they were all over the place now many with missing body parts just strewn around the house.
      At the store we owned some of our workers wouldn’t work night shift as they were afraid of the spirits there as they made themselves plainly known. Some were evil and others were just there.
      At one time I was looking after the night shift and was on my computer when I heard the store door open and footsteps come in then I realized they sounded like my oldest son so I jumped up to see as I knew he wasn’t in the community as it was fishing season still. The footsteps walked right through the store and into the stockroom then stopped so I went through and searched but no one was to be found. I started praying for my son as it happened regularly. He was the only son who wore cowboy boots and his tread was loud. Then at the end of the season my son came home and would sometimes fill in at the store and was there one evening and I was doing paperwork while he was on the computer just off the store area as it was a quiet evening. I heard the door from where I was sitting and his footsteps come in as usual so I just sat there to see what he would do. I heard him go hm as he usually does when he is not sure or doesn’t believe then get up and walk through to the stockroom as I did when I first heard it so I went through and asked him if he heard the footsteps and he was surprised that I had heard them too so I asked him if he recognized the footsteps and he said Yeah it sounded like me.
      I gave him a hug and told him to be careful as I didn’t know what it meant but was concerned about his safety. I asked him if there was anything troubling him and he said no.because he had been in a bad relationship that had left him suicidal for a while so I was on my toes with him but he assured me he wasn’t wanting to go any time soon so I just prayed God’s loving care over him. Then one night when I was alone I heard the same routine except when his footsteps got about 1/2 past the service counter they changed to soft padded footsteps of like a woman. A few nights later someone passed on (there is more to that but this is the internet so I won’t elaborate) but the footsteps stopped. I never took into consideration that my sons life would be spared and another one taken.
      So I wouldn’t say you are crazy but depending on what you are experiencing if it is a gift or a curse I still say acceptance of God’s will for you is the key.
      I have heard of other people when spirits jumped on them when praying for others never go for praying again as they didn’t like the feeling but in some cases it would be hard to avoid. They say that if you don’t use your gift you will lose it but some are hard not to use so I would advise you get in touch with God and ask Him what you should do.
      When I first started communicating with God I was deep into Bible study and asking God questions, fasting, and praising then He answered me through speaking through me, through written word, directing me to specific Bible verses, talks with other people, sermons or just randomly hearing on the radio, tv etc. but I knew it was an answer to my question or need.

      Trust God’s promises and you will not go wrong. I don’t know if you can find my email here but it is because it took a long time for this notice of your reply to reach me which is just now is why I am here responding.

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