Do You Have the Spiritual Gift of Healing?


Please read the following  Spiritual Gift of Healing description and then rate yourself on a scale of 1 through 5 both in passion and experience. This is to help you from ignoring a gift God may have for you. For example, you may be high in passion in the gift of  “discernment” but as of yet God has not manifested Himself in that way to you. If all you rated was your experience you may skip over this very important passion God has given you. Likewise, if you are deeply involved in “service” but are more pragmatic and less passionate about it you may be tempted to ignore developing the gift of service in the way God wants you to.

Rate Your Passion For This Gift

The first rating has to do with your passion for the gift. Are you really motivated to act this way? 1 means that you have no interest in or passion to use the gift. 5 means that the definition describes you very accurately, or that you do have a strong interest/passion in the ability.

Next Rate Your Experience With or Evidence For This Gift

The second rating has to do with your experience/evidence of the gift. Rate your experience with or evidence of the gift.

1 means that you have no experience with or evidence of the gift. 5 means that you have a lot of experience with or evidence of the gift.

 In I Corinthians 12:9,28,30 it says, “ to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit” (NIV). In the Biblical language, healing means to effect a cure through God’s supernatural power. This gift is similar to faith. When a person with this gift hears of certain situations that need healing whether physical, emotional or spiritual, God seems to lead them to step out and affirm God through believing Him for healing. God gives them assurance in His ability and desire to work in the situation. A person with this gift feels free to ask God for His intervention without usurping His sovereignty. There is a deep understanding that they do not have a personal power to heal anyone, but that they have been given a great conviction to pray for healing and to believe in God’s power. Along with giving this conviction to pray, in most cases, God chooses to heal.

This gift used in the local church can encourage faith and hope. Healing can often spark revival and repentance. God often used this as a sign gift to the Jews both in the Old and New Testament. The gift encourages those new in the faith. Healing ultimately leads to God’s glory.

With any dramatic gift, there are many people watching. There is a temptation to “hero” worship the person with the gift creating an expectancy that is not of God. The result can be disappointment or bitterness when God does not answer in the way we think that He should. Pride can also be a problem causing someone with this gift to exaggerate, make false claims, or steer away from greater need so they do not lose their self-importance. There is potential jealousy, fear of failure and anger if God chooses to use someone else too. It is easy to judge others that may not have the same faith in the situation that you do. Finally, there is a temptation to acquire riches by using the gift.

Ministry Opportunities
This gift could be used in a visitation ministry to the sick and elderly. It could be part of a need-based evangelism program. A person with this gift could be on a prayer team. There is also the call to a more private prayer life for those that we know that are sick and hurting physically and emotionally.

Further Training
This is similar to the gift of faith in that a journal will help you stay focused and trusting God when situations get rough. Meeting with others who have this gift or have the gift of faith or miracles will be beneficial. Reading the scriptures is good for encouragement and faith. Asking your pastoral staff at church for biographies of men and women that God has used this way will help your understanding.


Using a  scale of  1 – 5, rate whether you have a passion for using the gift of healing.
(1 = Not at all, 5 = Very much so)

Passion Score ______

Using a  scale of  1 – 5, rate whether you have had significant experience in or evidence of the gift of healing.
(1 = Not at all, 5 = Very much so)

Experience/Evidence Score __

How to Rate Your Score
 To be more accurate on the Spiritual Gift you need to look both at your passion with the gift and the experience with or evidence of the gift. If your passion is 3 – 5 then it is high. If your passion is 1 – 2 then it is low. It is the same with the experience where you rate evidence of the gift in your life. Is the experience/evidence high (3 – 5) or is it low (1 – 2)?

Plot your scores on the grid
 Notice that Experience/Evidence is on the vertical axis and Passion is on the horizontal axis. So an Experience/Evidence score of  3 and a Passion score of 2 and would be in the number 2 quadrant.


Quadrant 1 = High Passion and High Experience/Evidence
A Spiritual Gift that is in this quadrant seems to be one that God has given you. You are passionate about the gift and have experience and evidence in your life that seems to confirm this. Continue to grow in this gift and use it for His glory.

Quadrant 2 = Low Passion and High Experience/Evidence
A Spiritual Gift in this quadrant may indicate that circumstances have called upon you to exhibit this skill or ministry in your life. For example, you don’t have to have a high Passion to be merciful to those that are hungry around you. However, your church may have a large feeding program. Just because you are recruited and spend a lot of time doesn’t mean that you have the Gift of Mercy. Rather it simply could mean that you were obedient to God by helping with a need.

Quadrant 3 = High Passion and Low Experience/Evidence
Scoring in this quadrant is common among the Supernatural gifts. Healing, faith, miracles – you may feel really burdened in situations to pray for God’s intervention in mighty ways. You pray believing and trusting that God can and will act. If this is true then you must rate yourself high on Passion. However, though you are passionate in your praying for healing your experience may not be successful. You would rate your experience/evidence score low. However, this does not mean give up. It is just an indicator of your personal experience up to this moment in time. If God moves in your heart you deeply to pray for the supernatural let Him take care of the results. It is better to pray believing and not see the results you anticipated than to be disobedient and not pray. God has given you the gift, He will use it according to His will. Be faithful to the passion He has given you.

Quadrant 4 = Low Passion and Low Experience/Evidence
A score in this quadrant is usually a good indicator that God, up to this point in time, has not birthed in you this Spiritual Gift. This does not mean that in time God may call upon you to work in this area. God can give any gift at any time. He is sovereign.

Now that you have finished this self-assessment, how do you feel about your discovery? Were you surprised or did you find the answer that you expected?  Are you intimidated by the significance of the gift and what God may expect from you or are you confident that God has and will continue to use you in this way?
One way to confirm your findings is to ask those Godly people that know you well. Ask them to read the definitions of the gifts that you selected and confirm whether they see this same gift in your life or not. Ask them what they think you need to improve on. Ask them to pray for you that you may have understanding and wisdom in using these gifts.
Another way to grow in your gift is to report to the member of your pastoral staff at church that would be in charge of volunteers in the church. Share with them your discovery and ask them for materials to study and opportunities for service. Perhaps there is someone that they know that could mentor you in this gift.
Finally, seek out others in your church that have the same gift(s). Meet regularly as a group to learn, share stories and pray for each other. As a church, you function as a body of believers. You were given these gifts to help each other. There is no limit to what God could do as you and the others in your church are Spirit-led in the use of these gifts.

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94 thoughts on “Do You Have the Spiritual Gift of Healing?”

  1. I have cancer in my stomach, chest, liver, lymp nods. The doctors have indicated that they are unable to do anything. I am a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and very much belive in the gifts, including healing. I am living with my brother and sister in law in Indianapolis, In right now. I would like to get in touch with brothers and sisters in the Lord who believe in the gifts. My phone number is (317) 695-8308. If you have any info. that might help I would sincerely appricate it. God Bless…..John

    1. Hello John. I thank the Lord for your faith in His power to heal you. One thing which the Lord has taught me as I’m growing in Him is that, God knows & has given us our heart’s desires. Its just up to us to receive them through Faith. So we should remove all things which prevent us from receiving our blessings, and these include doubts & insecurities. And if we believe in our hearts that we have received the healing, then we start acting on it i.e. living as one who is healed (because we trust that we are healed). Remember what Jesus said to the woman with a bleeding disorder in Matthew 9:22 “Courage my daughter, your faith has MADE you well”. Meaning that the moment she started believing that God can heal her, she was healed.

      So just proclaim today, that you are healed in Jesus’name. And trully believe in your heart without fear or doubts. I have already received healing for you, before I wrote this. And I do believe that you are healed in Jesus’name. I dont care what the devil says against your healing, he is already defeated. So I bind the works of the devil & cast them out of your life now in Jesus’name! Thank you Father for this healing! Thank you Lord! Jehovah Rapha!

      John, you are now healed. Please accept this Spiritual healing without doubts nor fear, so that it will manifest physically.
      This is no lie, for all the times that I have been sick (e.g. gastrointestinal disorders & many others), the Lord has always healed me,so now I dont even hesitate to receive healing whenever I’m sick. So just have faith. Jesus loves you & will never abandon nor forsake you.

      Bible verses for you: Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 43:1-5, Isaiah 41:8-20, Joshua 1:9, James 1:6, Psalm 37:4 and Hebrew 11:1-3 (“…what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen”)

      Stay Blessed John, the Lord is with you & will always be there to provide you with all you need, including healing, for with God, nothing is impossible! Shalom

    2. Jehobah Rapha our Lord and Savior, O Precious Spirit of God. I thank YOU for our healing our brother John Cookerly today. I Praise the LORD for YOUR Glory and I thank YOU for Your mercy and kindness. Glory to the Lord!

      Father You are not a man that You should lie. You do what Your say. The healing for John is the Sword of the Spirit. The Word of God is a double edge edge penterating bone, joints, and marrow and it judges our thoughts and our heart. Your Word is living, and Breathing! Hallelujah for the Blood of the Lamb.

      “By Your Strips John is Healed.” Under the Authority of Jesus Name John healing and life is in YOUR Hands, and Your hands alone. Through the annointing Power of Jesus Christ John is Blessed, and Healed! YOUR word is life, and Your Word heals In Jesus Name I thank YOU Dear Lord! Jesus Regins King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords! Amen!!

    3. Dear john begin to see what God is doing right now for you.

      Our God is the God of vision, whenever we see at what he shows us or want us to see we are ready to receive his release of power that gives us the appropriation of his promises.

      Be healed in Jesus name right NOW.

    4. Hi John I was touched when I read your post…please tell me if you received your healings! I will be praying for you please let me know what your current needs are
      Christian j

    5. Hello my friend John. I hope you still alive and well. I tried calling you but someone else answer saying it was the wrong number. If you read this please answer back. I wanted to go pray with you. I had a strong feeling to pray with you but in person. I live in California but i’m a truck driver and feel i can make it to you. Again i’ve hope you ok and blessed.

    6. Hello John my name is Kim. I read your story and wanted to dispatch healing angels your way. I pray in the name of Jesus that by His stripes you are already healed. I command the cancer and any other problem be dried up at the root. I command Satan and hell to leave you be. That you are covered in the blood of Jesus. I cancel all generational curses dealing with this sickness. I speak health and healing over you and your family. In Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN

    7. Thou son of God, your Father Jesus Christ has forgiven u all your sins ,so this hour minute receive your healing I command that cancer in your body to go now in the mighty name of Jesus. Halleluyah ..l am healed

    8. Hi John. Sorry I only just saw your request now. Do you still want a reply? I am interested in healing and have some information for you. God bless you my Christian brother, Ewan


      2. Dear Brother, The only person I know with the genuine gift of healing is Joseph Branham of William Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville Indiana, they have a web page and phone number, best go see him
        in person. Be sure to repent of sins first and then forgive others for every wrong so nothing stands in the way of the prayer. God Bless you Heb. 13.8

  2. John, the fact that you are stepping out in faith is the beginning of your healing process. Know that God sent His son to shed His blood for us so that we may be redeemed. So, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ to completely heal your body of all cancers. Receive His healing blood in the name of Jesus Christ. Now let your faith produce its works.

  3. I am here to pray for you. I circle you with the white light of the holy spirit. God protect John Crookery. I will pray over and over and over to God for a healing for you a miracle. Let your soul full with the white light of the holy spirit.

  4. Look John, I know healing will come on you. Please walk in it. I’m pray for you as I write this message to you. I can feel you worrying but the Lord is so great, so please believe and walk in your faith. Bless your heart.

  5. John, I am agreeing with you and everyone one the other believer’s who wrote on this page for the cancer to leave your body NOW! I plead the blood of Jesus over you. It says in the Bible that if we ask, we will receive and I’m asking right now, in the name of Jesus for your body to be restored to good health. Satan’s already lost the battle! He can’t defeat you! I look forwarded to hearing your praise report soon:) God Bless You!

  6. Father God, in the name of Jesus I bring John before you. I ask that you fill him with a peace that passes all understanding and that your mercy and grace rest heavily on his life and all those associated with John. In the name of Jesus I command every cell in your body to line up with the Word and that you be made whole by the power of Jesus. Sickness we command you to go and never return to this man. Father you said by Jesus stripes we are healed – now I speak that over Johns life right now. We thank you for hearing us and answering our prayers. We thank you for the love that you have for us and the promises which you have spoken to us. We thank you for all that you are going to do in Johns life and for the testimony he will be for you. In Jesus precious name, Amen.
    John – Be Healed Now!

  7. hi my hame is henry and i have diverse gift of the holyspirit, including the gift of special faith and the gift of healing. the gift of special faith is a mantle of fire, burning all over my bones while the gift of healing is like oil, fire,or a sensation of cold breeze in my hand, it changes as the holyghost wills. it operates constantly in my everyday life, sometimes its hard to bear it because the fires burns down to my palm.
    with the gift of diserning spirit i disern the glory of God every day and also see into heavens, angels and also hear their walking steps of angels, and i also see the fire burning all over me. i also hear the vibration of the ground when i walk. if you have any problem pls mail me i can heal all illness in JESUS name.
    when u pray believe you recieve

    1. Henry I see the heavens and Jesus with angels as well…I talk to God and he sends the holy spirit to me and through me I stay and heal all his warriors.I fight a lot in my visions, my fight was with satan in some of them, however a lot is of my husband and I as well as people I do not know and I am preparing them on what to do and Jesus and God always do not want me to go however they do allow me, but only to give my husband stregth and to help all the others in his army as they fight this battle to come. I go along to heal them amongst this great battle to come. My body hurts so bad when I come to and I have no energy. I would like your opinion on this matter. My husband sees and I talk out loud in these visions as well so he hears all of my words. However no matter what he does he cannot wake me up. He knows this is true but I would like to talk to someone with more experience in these matters…If you have time would you please get back to me? Thanks, and God Bless!

      1. Brandy, your vision is probably literal. My husband has had lots of vision about a group of people with us fleeing the country and with us fighting in a great war. He says that, I am supposed to receive the gift of healing so that I can heal those who get sick in the group. That’s probably true with you too. The time will be soon. Like within the next year or so.

  8. Hi John, its been a while since your post. I believe God has already moved in your life. I thank God for His intervention; “for we know that all things work together for the good of them that trust in the Lord and are called according to His purpose” “and He who began this work in you will finish it” for “He is the Author and Finisher of our faith” for we know that the plans He has for us are of good and not of evil, thoughts to give us a hope and a future and to bring us to an expected end” of glory. So now, you go out there and speak this Biblical truth and language and be a blessing to someone else. JESUS IS LORD!

  9. If anyone reads this, please pray for me, Carl Halling for a miracle of healing from hypothyroidism, severe dizziness and faintness, general weakness; and occcasional tightening of the chest and shortness of breath. I am in a very very low state and am desperate for help and comfort and healing. Please feel free to e-mail me; and I pray God blesses you if you feel moved to reach out to me with Godly compassion. God bless. Carl.

    1. Dear Carl, I am thinking about you and right now I am going to pray for you:

      Dear God, I ask you Father, in the name of your only begotten Son, Jesus, to forgive me of my sins and cleanse my heart and mind so that You will answer my prayer for Carl. I ask you Father to send your loving touch of healing upon Carl at this very moment. To heal Carl of every cancer cell throughout his entire body. Please give him immediate peace and rest. I know You love him because he is one of your children. Please hear & feel his very low state and desperate cry for help. Please comfort him with your love and tender mercy. You Father, are our hope and life and your Son Jesus is our Savior. Thank you so much for Jesus, as He died for our sins before anyone had ever even repented as the Holy Bible tells us in Romans 5:6-8. He has saved us from eternal death. This is true love. So please be with Carl and give him immediate peace and rest, and may he be lifted up in his spirit and feel your precious love and healing. This I ask in the name of Your Son and our Saviors name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

      Carl I will continue to pray for you and will be thinking about you. Please let the Holy Spirit comfort you right now and may the miracle of God’s love and healing be felt throughout your whole mind and body.

      Love in Jesus’s name,
      your sister in Christ…..Gayle.

      1. Dear God, I have made an error in my prayer to you for Carl. Carl’s sickness is not cancer. I know You know everything that Carl is suffering from Lord. Please hear my prayer Lord for healing upon Carl from hypothyroidism, dizziness, faintness, weakness, tightening of his chest and shortness of breath. Lord, please forgive me for the error in my previous prayer for Carl.
        In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

        Carl, Please forgive me for the error. …..

      2. I pry that all is well with u, I was moved to pray for u in the name of Jesus!

    2. well Jesus said on the cross that, “It is finished.” Keep believing His word is true; and when His purpose has been fulfilled, you will see a manifestation of God’s healing power in your life dear Carl. God hasn’t forgotten you, neither is His arm too short to save. He will answer!

      1. Hi Emml, thank you so much for replying to my request for prayer. Yes, I will keep believing; and that there’ll be a manifestation of healing power in my life. Thank you for your encouraging words, which give me such strength and hope. God bless you. Carl.

      2. Jesus took the scourging on his back to heal us. They beat him with something like a cat of nine tails and it ripped his flesh off, he suffered so and he did it so we can be healed and reclaim what he had for us. It takes believing as well as prayer, so please just believe like a child would believe anything you told them and you will be healed.

        Your sister in Christ

  10. Dear Gayle. Forgive you? More than that by far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me in prayer. As you say, the Lord knows what I’m suffering from. I feel comforted by your prayers, Gayle, thank you again, and may the Lord bless you for your compassion towards me. Carl.

    1. Hi Carl, Thank you for your sweet reply. I hope you are feeling great right about now. I am keeping you in my prayers for the Holy Spirit to lead and comfort you. It is great to talk with someone I don’t even know that is a Christian. I can tell by your picture that you are a young man, maybe about my sons age. He suffers with Hepatitis C. There is no cure and the treatment is so bad that most people cannot go through it. He has chosen not to even try. I ask you to also pray for him. His name is Charles Hensley. I’ll be thinking about you and praying that you have a happy and healthy life, filled with the Holy Spirit. Please feel free to email me for any further prayer requests. I have other Christian friends that also pray with me for people any and everywhere.

      Your sister in Christ,
      Gayle Garland

      1. My pleasure, Gayle. I feel I’m being comforted by the Holy Spirit; I’m a lot calmer than I was. The pic is a little misleading, as it’s about 9 years old, I must see about changing it. But I am still quite young looking I think it’s fair to say. I’m so very sorry to hear about your son, Charles, and I will certainly pray for him. Thank you for thinking about me. I’ll be sure to e-mail you with further prayer requests. Speak soon. God bless. Carl.

  11. I am a Christian Orthodox and Iive in Greece.
    I experience that I have the Spiritual Gift of Healing for quite a long time now. I have the great passion for it. When need pops up, I cannot deny making an effort for someone who needs help. It just drives me to that direction. When someone is really ill, I have this strong feeling inside my body and brain telling me I must help…I cannot resist it. I feel part of the pain inside me.
    We believe in Saints. And they appear in dreams, visions and alive where you can see them or touch them. I have my guide Saints who help me with my Gift.
    It is not an individual thing only. Saints appear in reality ,in front of many people(believers and nonbelievers) at the same time. It has not to do with Orthodox Christians only. I have prayed to God and His Saints for people who do not belong to any religion, people that do not know anything about religious matters. And still God has healed them. God acts through His Saints and angels and reveals his will to us. To any of us that callsfor His help.Therefore, we receive the Gifts from the Holy Spirit and through us, God acts in the world.
    We have to be very careful on our judgements.God has different ways to act. We must not think that we are the only right ones and that our doctrine is the only right in the world. Yes, ofcourse there is the truth and dogmas that get closer to the truth. This doesn’t mean that the other dogmas are all wrong. Only God knows His plans.
    We do not have the ability or sufficient knowledge to say what is right or wrong. But we have the ability to recognise God’s work, when it happens. And His work happens when we all stick to the point and the deep meaning of our faith, which is Christ and love. God and love are the things that unite us. And there is where we should all meet. Our differences are differences based on our personal judgement, experience, search,cultural background, family, country, tradition, doctrine and so on.But the real meaning is there. God and His teachings. If we pray and talk to God, He will always take us to the right direction. Conservatism is the enemy of the believers, because it ties us down from seeing the Greatness of God. How can you see something huge when you are covering yourself with blinders? Conservatism makes believers look small. How can the Greatness of God fit into something so small. It simply can’t. So we must be very humble and have self-knowledge. There is a huge difference between true faith plus tradition and the conservatism. Nothing is easy for us all, but everything is possible for God. To Him we put our trust.
    I would really like to read other opinions to the Healing matter. I think it is a huge responsibility. It feels that way. And many questions cross my mind all the time.Am I doing what God wants me to do? What does He really want of me?What is my destiny? Why am I here for? What is my Personal Legend?
    Well, I think there are others that meet me to such questions too. I really want to meet people having any of these gifts, but it is not easy for me to find. Well, so far at least.
    God bless you all.

    1. Hello my friend Elena. My name is Ignacio and i live in California U.S.A. I read your post and it sounds very sincere and similar to what i feel. I wanted you to know that i’m very new at this and have only had the oportunity to serve the lord twice in healing maters. I.m very confused at times and very scared because the last time i prayed on someone he sent me to had a very bad vibe and i’m very scared of bad spirits and the devil. In other words i’m a coward at times but i can’t denied to serve my father. I also cry alot because i like you feel the love, sorrow and pain. I believe you have lots of experience and maybe we can talk. I really like your post and your honesty. Furthermore, i agree with you in leaving denamonations behind and concentrate in loving one another, The only thing that keeps me going is that in a scripture i remember it says to go on doing his will with no gold, food nor script. I believe because he will always be there with us while serving him. You have a good day and god bless.

  12. I am HIV positive . and i believe God is in the process of healing me. Please pray for me and i will be healed.

  13. Mr. moderator, I would like to know why my comment to @mucha has been deleted.
    It would be polite i think ,when this happens, such as deleting comments, a moderator to explain the reason for not approving them, especially when they do not contain offense toward any human rights. By email, it would be fine.
    Censorship? Is that it?
    I thought this was a free place of creative expression.

    1. Our blog has a specific purpose. It is to teach about the spiritual gifts from a Biblical perspective. It is not a typical comment/opinions blog. We allow comments and get many. However we have never solicited this blog as an open forum for people to come and teach whatever they want. It has never been marketed as a open religion course. From time to time an entry will go from a “comment” into advertising or teaching other religions or new age philosophy. We reserve the right to delete comments that take the blog into areas it was not intended to go.

  14. my beloved Brothers and sisters suffering from one form of sickness and disease,i want to tell you that the Lord care for you and want to heal you from all sickness and disease curable or incurable.the Bible said he is the Lord that healeth thee.jesus has paid the price on the cross of calvary for your salvation and healing,so he is the Lord of your Body not sickness not of the reason Jesus came to the earth is to destroy the works of the devil which include sickness and disease.
    To be healed take this two step
    1 find 2-3 scriptures that God promise you healing.remember the word of God is spirit and Life and that God cannot lie,for his word is yes and amen.
    2 Pray the word into your life
    3 thank him for healing you.this is powerful.remember jesus thank God in advance before raising Lazarus from the dead and also multiply the bread and the fish.when u thank God for your healing in advance your recovery will be faster.
    I have put this principle to work and the results were dramatic as ss turns AA,deaf hear were unstoped,dumb speak and many cripples walk and all kind of sickness were healed to the glory of God.the word of God works.Rev Emmanuel A.Rhema.

  15. Hello. My mother is very sick. She suffers from colon cancer and also we are in the hospital and the doctors are telling us that there is nothing else they can do for her. They believe she will die in the next couple days. She suffers from colon cancer, her kidneys are failing, and her liver is also failing. Will a healer please pray for my mother for a special healing? We are very close knit family and I just really want her to be okay. She is young and also has the spirit and will to live and believes in Jesus with all her heart. So someone please email me soon and continue to pray for her. Thank you so much in advance

    1. Father God, we believe you are good and you do all things with a purpose. We believe that you not only heal our hearts and souls, but that you also came to heal our bodies. You said your word, that if two or more are gathered in Your Name that it would be done. We thank you for the healing that is taking place in Kajuans Mothers body, and we ask for freedom from sickness. I pray that not only will you dissolve that cancerous cells in her body butt that you also restore her kidneys complete health. I pray that the cries of her family will catch your ear and head their cries. I pray for your peace in the family as you do your work. Thank you again for what you are doing. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    2. Dear Kajuan,

      On this day of April 3rd as I write you, it’s my sincere hope that your Mother is still with us since, as of your post on March 6th (which just so happens to be my Mother’s birthday), the doctors believed that might not be the case. If she has been Blessed with more time, please let me know where you/your Mom are located, and if at all (geographically) possible, I will do whatever I can to help. To my humble astonishment, I was recently touched by God, and He has Blessed me with His healing power through the use of my left hand. Although I am new at this, I have asked God and my Guardian Angels to guide me as to when, where, and with whom to use it, so when I came across your post today I just had to reach out. I anxiously await your reply at

      God loves you,

      1. Hello Lily,

        Thanks so much for reading my post and reaching out for me. Unfortunately, my mom passed March 7. But she had so much faith and belief in God that we all knew that she was ready. But the fact that you were going to help really means a lot to me and my family and it still helps. My birthday was actually March 6. I turned 25 years old and she passed a day after my birthday. Thanks so much Lily.

        Kajuan Debrell

  16. Isaiah 53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Matthew 4:23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.God is still in the healing business be encouraged i am praying for everyone. i pray God bless all those who reached out and prayed like he blessed Johnathan for praying for his friend david stay encouraged everyone and hold on to Gods unchanging hand.

  17. so many prophets have told me i have the gift of healing but i tried praying for some sick people and it seem not to work. how do i make use of this gift

    1. From my experience, there are different types of healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Each are a bit different but they all have the same ultimate goal: to further advance the Kingdom of God.

      The first thing to do is pray to God. You should ask Him to reveal which gift He gave you. Additionally, you should pray that God will give you discernment over what to do with the gift that He is given you.

      Personally, one thing that I like to do (which you may like as well) is memorizing some bible verses. It feels complete when I pray for others while I am incorporating God’s word into prayer and having worship music in the background.

      And although I am horrible with finding the right words to say, I hope this helps.

      All I know is that God is overjoyed with the fire you have in your heart to serve Him.

  18. For everyone who is suffering, may the Lord grace you with His blanket of peace. In 2 Chronicles 16:9, it states “May the eyes of the Lord range through out the earth and strengthen those whose hearts are committed to Him.”

    Please be comforted that God searches for YOU and wants to strengthen your spirit with His love!

  19. Hi, i just concluded a meeting where the power of God broke out and a lot of manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Ghost, but i felt this hot burning sensation afterward on my left hand so hot .. i prayed and prayed i keep feeling God telling me i have anointed you for healing, please am feeling funny right now cos i dont know who, i dont have anyone to look up to with this spiritual gift in my locality, any help pleeaassseee.

    1. I have prayed for that gift, actually all nine of them. James, don’t be afraid of it, try to use it. I have prayed for people without laying hands on them and seen them healed from it, how much more laying hands on someone must do. It all has to be done through the power of the Holy Spirit, and in Jesus name. You must have prayed for this gift, I pray you touch many because so many hurt in this world.

      1. H, Donna I have had this gift since child hood I remember the first time I heard the Lord tell me to use it and it was at a time when I did not understand it was my mother who was lying in her bed rolling in intense pain from her leg I heard a voice tell me to lay hands on her, I thought it strange that no one else heard this voice can you imagine what I thought and how I felt I knew that my sisters and brothers would think me strange if I did what the voice told me to do, so I did it in a casual way and rubbed my hand down her leg in a few minutes she stopped rolling and crying and became very still and went to sleep it was an experience for me, but I did not give it any more thought so I just went on since then there are those that I pray for and lay hands on that have completely recovered. I give all the glory and honor to the almight God which is in Heaven and I know that without Him I can do nothing

  20. Our God is the God of vision, whenever we see at what he shows us or want us to see we are ready to receive his release of power that gives us the appropriation of his promises.

    Be healed in Jesus name right NOW.

  21. I am one of those people, who is just too stubborn to believe other wise, God’s word tells us that He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed, and yes I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. they have power and that power is throughout all of the Bible, I have the faith to believe that what so ever we ask of our Father and if we believe it that is what we will recieve, I also believe that we must speak those things that are not as though they were, God’s Book — the Bible is full of medicine that is good for the healing of all ailments in Jesus Name, and I claim all is well on this side for all those who are suffering from illness whether spiritual, physical, I’ve come too far to turn around now , God has given me a few gifts that I dont take for granted, and I can only say what I feel in my spirit, we have bvecause we ask not and because you have asked God will grant your petitions for healing, in Jesus Name Amen, I cant tell you of how many times I’ve seen people that are bowed at the waist, or from the neck and my heart does not go out to them, God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think according to the power that works within you, I speak a blessing into all those that read these words. Be Blessed in the name of the LORD our LORD Jesus Christ Amen
    Prophetess Nancy Rice

  22. This message is for gayle garland… I happen to be reading these posts. You wrote one on nov. 27, 2011. And even though it’s months later I hope you read this. I was giving birth to my son while you were posting a prayer for your son. What hit me as well was that My father had hep c and suffered with it. He developed liver cancer at 57 and I took care of him. Doctors did not want to touch him because they felt the hep c would eventually destroy a new liver and they would rather give a new liver to someone who had a greater chance of not rejecting it. Out of approx 14,000 people on a list for a transplant, only a few thousand are done a year. I prayed my tail off… My dad had stage 4 liver cancer. Well, my dad did receive a liver in what I believe we’re his last days. And praise God that transplant gave my Dad a few more years with my family and me. There were major healings that transpired during that time. The hep c was a major issue but God is a healer!!!! I believed my Dad would be healed and He was! I will be praying for your son also…. Keep the faith and rejoice in the small things. I realized the power behind that I rejoice in the good and bad times….rejoice always! Have a blessed day

    Christian J.

  23. Dear friends, please pray for me, I had some problems with medication recently (I suffer from hypothyroidism as well as other complaints including enlarged prostate); I’m quite low in spirits and energy, and subject to dizziness, as if I’m not 100% steady on my feet; also I’ve had spells of awakening from sleep in a panic, fearing for my health. My sleep is not brilliant. But it’s the dizziness that really concerns me. I need a miracle of healing. Thanks friends. Carl.

    1. Hello Carl. I just prayed for you and claimed God’s promise in your behalf, that by His stripes you are healed. May God release His healing power and shalom upon your body, mind, soul, and spirit. God bless you strength, provision, and healing.

      1. Dear Wealthsteward, thank you so very much for praying for me for healing power and shalom on my body, mind, soul and spirit, I pray God blesses you for praying for me. Amen.

  24. Hello Brothers and Sisters,
    Our God is an Awesome God,If anyone needs prayer for God’s healing touch please let me know,I will be more then willing to pray with you that God would touch you and move through you.I am on facebook,Tom Rose,Crestline,Ca you can message me for prayer or email me also at God Bless!!

  25. Hi, Family in Christ. I pray that all is well. I dont know if anyone will respond but I must try. My gifts where at there highest when I was younger (4-7) and then again when I was (16). The gift in particular which was more active from when I was young is the Gift of Healing. The active gift which has not ever stopped are visions, spiritual eyes open (I see the supernatural), Messages and confirmations, tongues. I have been a worshiper for very long time.. My tongues have calmed down since my grandmothers death (2yrsnow). This year I will Finally be able to do what God has planted in me for so long. In March 2013 I will be going on a Missions trip as Missionary of my church. I am Only 20 and although I am so happy that ive been gifted, I dont want any gift being left behind. I have not healed truly since i was 7. I dont know what to do or where to Go , are there more books or what verses must I read? Please this passion is there my experiences are high in this but I can not .. understand why it has paused for so long and all the prophets who pray for me tell me the same thing “you will heal nations” and with my sadden heart i say amen. Im sadden because ive not done it in so long.

  26. Hi my name is Darren and i am sufferring from depression, i always feel down and can no longer have fun with my children, friends or family.
    I am a born again christian and would like my lord and saviour jesus christ to heal me. And wouls like you to pray for me pls. Thankyou

    1. Darren,
      Thanks so much for sharing. I do pray that God will heal you from your depression. You may also want to get some professional help. It can really help. Many times depression is anger turned inward or the result of deep seated lies that we are believing. God’s love and truth can heal deep in our heart so I pray that His love and power indeed heal you.
      Ron Ovitt

    2. Hello Darren,

      I pray that God heal you from depression and pray that you and your family experience His love, peace, and compassion. I agree with Ron that it is good to seek professional help at this time, preferably a Christian counselor. You can also try to seek counsel or referral to a Christian counselor from a local pastor at a Christian church in your area.

      I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

  27. Dear friends, please pray for me (I’m plagued by) for thyroid disease (hypothyroidism); severe long-term sleeping difficulties including nightmares and early waking; sporadic depressive issues/low spirits/discouragement, sporadic light-headedness/dizziness; persisting tiredness/lack of energy; chronic social withdrawal/reclusiveness; possible raised blood sugar levels; enlarged prostate and related issues; skin problems (rash/tinea cruris). Thank you and bless you. Carl

  28. Hi this is esther again, if someone with the gift of healing will intercede for me please then the Lord will reveal what my problem is to you. By this l will know that the Lord has healed me. I believe but there are so many imposters out there. God vindicates his gifts in the mouth of two or three witnesses. God bless you all and I am truly grateful for this site..Esther from Victoria Australia.

    1. You are healed believe it and receive it. Let everyone know that Jesus healed you. Our circumstances are an opportunity to live out our purpose in life to be messengers of the gospel. I pray the in all things you look to The Lord, let His love fill you and His power move through you. In Jesus name. amen

  29. Hi Ester!
    I just prayed for your healing.
    I love the verse where it says that God will keep us in perfect peace as our mind is stayed on Him, because we trust in Him
    Please stay in His Word focusing on Jesus and His great love for you
    and keep trusting Him for His will to be accomplished!

    He is perfecting you into the image of His dear Son Jesus Christ.
    May Jesus be glorified in our thoughts, words and deeds
    Rest in His arms of love!

  30. Hello Ester.
    I happened to find this site and felt led to pray for your healing. I kept coming across a battlefield of the mind and emotions. I believe you sensed God’s peace beginning to pour into your spirit as prayer began. I will continue to hold you up in prayer. You need to trust in Him even though it’s hard. The name of Jesus is above every other name..including the name of every sickness and difficulty.
    Take care. Expect the healing and receive it! You are His child, His Princess.

  31. Hello, All
    I’m not sure what my Spiritual Gifts are, But I see and hear things before they happen. And when I’m up set The lord always speaks to me LOUD and tells me to Seek His Face .About 2mths ago I was about to have surgery on my thyroids and the night before I anointed my hands with oil ,placed my hands on my neck started praying and my throat begin to move vibrate real fast, My test was positve at first ,I went back to the doctor they couldn’t find anything my test was negative ..about 3wks ago I was praying for my church because alot of the members have just left,and 15mins later my bedroom door open and a white sheep came in I was scared .I was on the side of my bed and it licked me on my arm and walked out I called my husband he was at work and he told me to pray, and the lord gave me Isaiah 53:6 We all like sheep have gone astray each of us has turned to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

  32. I’m not sure how to advance or perfect the gift I have been given. Nor am I sure what my calling with this is. I have never met anyone with gifts like mine. So I am looking for direction. I have the gift of touch healing and long distance healing as well. I have the ability to touch someone and control there mood. And a few other gifts that I have traced back at least three generations on both sides of my family. The true power of these gifts did not surface until my earlier thirties and I have been trying to figure out what my path is ever since. Any advice would be so helpful.

  33. I want to have the supernatural power to heal people. Not for selfish reasons but to help them grow closer to God, to help them because I always want to help sick people and most importantly to be of very good use to God. What can I do?
    Thanks so much!

    1. god chooses who he will.if it comes get ready for more than you will see sick people every where you notice every frailty of will pray for some and they will be healed others wont.and why?the answer is clear even though ( given the gift) its still christ who is the true healer. You will hurt as you see others suffer.i stop people every where and ask if i can pray for them. Cancer hepatitis c all kinds of internal problems i a healer ? Without christ i am nothing.would i want it any other way? I pray not.because then it would be about me and not him.i have also been called to preach.i have thought of changing my name to clay vessel because that all i want to be.i am not mister perfect.i just want more of god.and i dont want any one to die and go to hell.we were made to be with jesus.god bless you as you go toward god.but know you will get more than you ask for.the gift will tear the pride out of you and that hurts. But follow god seek him and nothing else

  34. Hello….Has anyone experience there tongue and lips on firer it comes an goes…
    It’s like Flames….its been almost a year now….Is this the gift of tongues

    1. Prayer will get you there the closer you get to God you grow to Love him more and more so spend a hour before work a hour or two before bed and wake up about 3am and pray trust me you will experience some beautiful things.God Bless love ya

  35. I Humbly great all the Children of God in this blog..I am also a born again Believer who recently also received God’s Mercy. I stay in South Africa in the City called Durban..I would like to request Prayers from you Brothers & Sisters in Christ as I hv been given the Gift of Healing of which I had and still very much have a huuuge passion for..but my problem is the low evidence I have..please help me Activate this Gift and to allow Christ to work healing through me,its just that Im sometimes attacked with fear and doubt but I reali want God to use me Heal other people..I need guidance and Mentoring in This Gift..if anyone is willing to Help me please contact me on my Email ( or cell no. 0747679481 I’d also appreciate the Prayers for me to grow into this Spiritual Gift and start helping people asap..Thank you and God Bless you all in Jesus Mighty name

  36. To God be the Glory I greet u all in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus I live in the UK I am just an ordinary person I wasn’t born in Church but God saved me nearly 2 years ago I go to Bethel United Apostolic Church firstly I had a dream that while standing in the chior my hands outstrected both palms began to bleed and then turned into water silver clear water. Not many days later I was at home praying when my hands became very warm a few days/weeks later I felt PAIN in the centre of both my palms I had to cry out to God to help me it lasted for several minutes since then every time I pray my palms become very warm sometimes hot. I have also noticed that my wrists are very weak I have logged each time my palms become warm its when I pray and for the last few days it has happened every day. I have the gift of diserning many times people come to the altar at church for prayer and I feel their sorrow/pain to a point I’m in floods of tears crying to God to help them yet I don’t know theses people it happens often I KNOW God is preparing me for HIS ministry God be praised I love this scripture Jerimiah 1 verse 5 pray for me as I pray for you in Jesus name

  37. Please pray for me. I have been ill for many years. Bedridden from the weakness/exhaustion. I also have severe ocd/anxiety/depression and I can get no relief from meds because I am allergic to them. Please pray for my complete healing. Thank you so much. Kim

    1. If you or your love one’s have cancer, eye problems, back pain, aids, twisted bones, skin problems, low/high blood pressure, marriage problems, breathing problems, TB, etc. Or you need a Miracle for your situation. Join Waves of the Prophetic Healing Every Thursday night at 8pm EST.

      Host: Prophet Valentine Williams
      Number and Access Code
      ( 712 )-432-1212 code 961-749-982#

      1. Could I please have prayer for my lungs, bowel/stomach and eyes. i am also in financial trouble and need a miracle to pay off my mortgage. Lydia Ester Lev Hampton Park victoria australia

    1. Healing is the childrens bread, it is a free gift to all who are in christ. the prayer of faith shall save the sick, not could or might save the sick. If any be sickly among you anoint them with oil and pray the prayer of faith, its not a supernatural faith…its a simply childlike faith. It even works for your sick pets. Try it…the Lord is good and faithfull, if his children ask for bread he will not give them a stone….Only believe…I will believe with you…just in case your faith fails…after all when he comes…a second time…what is he looking for???? FAITH…thats how simple it is…dont forget his deciples were ignorant and unlearned….we are counted as his sheep…not professors of Divinity or scholars of high standing among our peers of society…we his children..hear his voice…the still small voice of the sheperd…who is calling us just to BELIEVE believe in the impossible…where God is the Supernatural is there….he cautions us to stay away from those that profess to believe but deny the POWER of the holy spirit…you see my dear sister….he is the I AM the same yesterday today and forever not the I WAS….God Bless you and your mum….and I encourage you to just follow the recepie…and GOD who is the faithfull and true will bring it to pass….for unto all is given a measure of faith…faith being a substance of things hoped for….the MANISFESTATION OR EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.


  38. Hey Lynn, it’s like i feel your pains too. The Word says “all things are possible to them that believe.” There’s never a thing Jesus can’t do. I pray for the wind of healing to blow through your family now; In Jesus’ name. Speak out your healing Lynn.

  39. I was hit by a drunk driver broke my neck (C2 fracture) and was in a comma for 2 weeks and had to learn how to walk and talk again. I’m healed 110%, The Lord has healed me and called me to demonstrate his love, compassion and power to heal.

      1. In the name of Jesus, I command healing to flow from the top of Kim’s head to the soles of her feet, by the stripes of Jesus Christ she is made whole!!! It is her covenant right as child of God. I command Angels to go forth and minister her in JESUS NAME!!! AND ALL THOSE THAT BELIEVE SAID, AMEN111

  40. Hi,
    Please pray for complete healing from cancer for my glorious God given wife Cecily. Proverbs 19:14 Luke 18:1-8
    Please pass on this request and keep her in your daily prayers (group/church).

    Thanks so much and may Jesus Christ be your savour,

    Please let me know if there is anything specific that I can pray for you Matthew 10:8

    1. Sorry that was Voice of God recordings. Jeffersonville Indiana.
      However, You can get healed where you are, if you follow the Bible and
      obey it…complete obedience to the word entitles you to the Holy Spirit and
      all the promises of God. BE STILL…talk to God .read psalms and he will
      speak back to you….my sheep hear my voice.

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