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14 thoughts on “Spiritual Gifts Test”

  1. I really enjoy the devotionals each morning. I start my daily quiet time with the one minute devotionals.

  2. ihave gift of prophecy,wisdom and singing help how to develop these giftings. i was just told that i have these gifts how do i activate and test myself that really i flow in these gifts. please reply.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There are two types of “gifts” that can get confusing. One is what most people think of when they use gifts. It is a talent or ability. Singing for example would be a “gift” God gave you. The way you can develop that would be to increase in your practice, skill, and performance. Ask God to give you areas of service and use your gift to the best of your ability. Chances are it will be a life long gift that you can use. Teaching, hospitality, encouraging are gifts like this.
      However there seems to be a second type. It is also “led” by God but in this case it is also fully empowered by God. For example, healing, prophecy, God given knowledge, miracles. These are “gifts” (given by God) that we have no way of doing by ourself. It seems that God gives these types of manifestations when He desires. However, that doesn’t mean we do not have any responsiblity with these gifts. You ask, “How do I activate or flow in these gifts?”
      If I would have to pick a few things it would be: Learn, be available and try. First be a learner. Study, pray, seek God for wisdom. Find others that are doing the gift. Intern with someone. Be a student and seek God’s guidance and instruction. Second, be available. God uses these gifts for His purposes. He will direct your path. It is all about Him and His love for mankind. Go where He is working and He will show you what to do. Third, try. I could say, “Just Do it!” but often the “doing” doesn’t happen. You are using your gift when God asks you to pray for healing and the person doesn’t get healed! God is the healer and His ways are beyond our understanding. But I do know this, it seems most things in life are a process. God is committed to process and seeing these gifts grow and be used is a process. We are called to be obedient to His leading. He will act according to His will. And you know what? Things will begin to happen. Elisha watched and tutored under Elijah, Timothy under Paul, the disciples under Jesus. I really believe that we will know more and more and see more and more happen as we do more and more.
      Finally, I would add, fall in love with God’s Holy Spirit. Pray, seek His guidance. Allow Him to guide you. The Holy Spirit is that part of the Triune God that Jesus gave us to do this. After all they are Spirit-ual gifts.
      God bless you in your service for Him.
      Ron Ovitt

  3. Mr. Ovitt,

    I have been confused about what I experience. Since I was a teenager I can hear the angels sing, god tells to pray when someone is dying and I do at the exact hour of their death without knowing. I have dreams that almost always come true. And I can heal by the grace of god. Since my hospitalization I can speak in tongues. I look into someone eyes and have a sense of knowing. Yet I am not evil or practicing evil. I have been God fear all my life. I’m confused, because some say this is evil and others say that the gifts of the old testament are gone. All my life I’ve been taught the divination is bad and evil. Yet I can interpret dreams naturally. Please help me understand. E-mail me.

  4. I see things; once i was told by a prophet i would see a bright light brighter then the sun itself, i told him already see it, next came a small mini cloud grayish it moves around in my home it appeared and disappeared by itself, then i saw a red light like a small ball tiny and as it got closer it got bigger not very big but bigger, then if i turn of lights i see red light all over the house, sometimes its just dark but when i appear from room to room the red light follows me, sometimes i see a blue flame like fire, i see this more. I have received quarters come out of my right pocket, i have seen angels small ones and a few in the sky, i saw i think Jesus standing on a cloud just above the mountains but not standing on the mountains but on the cloud, He looked my size but from far away. I been healed by hearing His voice He said Ez 37; i had a hole on my leg it would heal itself i heard Eze. 37: i read it verse 5 skin to skin it connected. I have many dreams and visions. few come to pass, He speaks to me in dreams and visions aw well. A book came out the Blessings from the bountyhunter For God. http://www.brentreveiw.com stroll just before the middle Ernesto s. A. Gonzalez been blessed to write two. I have much to say He does answer prayer. I thought i may have the gift of discernment; because pat from CBN was reading a letter “Bring it on” a segment on the show, anyway the guy was asking for the gift of discernment; Pat said, oh no, you will see demons, i see black creatures run across my living room floor i see a shadow walk through walls, ones i saw a clean white man’s foot below the knee to the toe, between me and the TV set walk by, I saw the Tsunami’s in my dreams before it happen i even saw the truck loads of dead people. I saw a blanket float in the skys coming from the south passing over my house going north back around 2000 and forward i was reading Zec. 5:1-4 stood out it brought this dream vision to my remembrances. so you tell me what are my gifts and callings. erniegonzalez2010@gamail.com oh thank you for hopefully allowing me to share.

  5. I am wakeing up with words on my lips, example: A universal system in a dry barren land. Also a flag is before the words. I have been keeping a journal. I am
    not sure about the gift.

  6. I want to know d kind of spiritual gifts I possess,Av bin seeing myself in dream speaking in tongues and sometimes wen I talk my words will come to pass

  7. It is important to understand that evil can mimic all of the gifts/ Thus, before jumping into ANYTHING it is important to be firmly implanted and rooted into the Rock of our Salvation. The first thing to do is repentance repentance repentance as this mimics will ‘feed off that of which we have not yet been delivered ‘from’ . In Forgiveness from God alone through the supplications, meditations, and prayers of the heart God Knows not only our thoughts but that which leads up to them from the inner ‘old man’..the crucifixion was not only for Christ, but for us to do the same thing..to die to self so as to be born anew from Above is first priority. For even satan himself is an angle of light..but that is not the same as the Light which Emerged from and of and Is God’s Self Existence into this existence as Day 1. Genesis is by far over-passed and over-looked in this quick to get to the New Testament Age which almost parallels or can “New Age’ but it’s only a mirror reflection of the reality of the Fullness. As Christ stated, “Do not think I came to replace the law but to Fulfill It”…The Law , the Psalms, and the Prophets are key. Contemplate on One – Four Genesis, Many of the Proverbs and come to know what “The Knowledge of God” is. Too much putting the cart before the horse based on assumptions, presumptions, opinions, projections, and reflections can lead to a dis-course along the broad way that leads to destruction. Although this will happen at many times due to our sinful nature, at least one In the Beginning, starting out with a clean slate and working out our salvation “With Fear and Trembling” (with humility in awesome respect for God’s Magnificent which surpasses Understanding)… Be not fooled by the wisdom of ‘men’, for the wisdom of men is foolishness to God. And if ‘wanting’ to know your spiritual gifts, chances are that already headed in the wrong direction because it is God who will let you know by where we are driven to head..otherwise it can end up being self-seeking rather than Remaining within the Knowledge of God’s Kingdom as He is In Us through Christ who strengthens us.

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