Why Aren’t There More Supernatural Gifts Being Used?

I wonder what it was like to be one of the seventy disciples that Jesus sent out? Not the twelve, you know those that spent all their time with Jesus,  one of the seventy. Yes, they knew Jesus, but not as well as His closest disciples. But that didn’t stop them from being sent out on a special mission. They knew what they saw and heard. They knew what they believed. They were “sold-out” to Jesus, so when it came time for Jesus to get the area excited about His mission, He commissioned all seventy to go forth and do miracles in His name. Can you imagine? One moment you are following Jesus, listening to His preaching, wanting to serve Him, and the next minute He empowers you to do miracles. Demons are casted out, people are healed, grown men cry out in repentance and dedicate their life to Christ. And you know it’s not of your own doing, it is a miraculous power from on high.

Well, if Jesus empowered those seventy and He said that after He ascended that His future followers (That included us) would do the same things He was doing, why don’t we see it today?

I think that there are a few reasons.

1. We don’t believe in supernatural miracles and “signs”. Many seminaries teach a “cessation” theory that says the miracles that Christ and the early Church did, ceased once we received the written word of God. Could it be the verse that says, “You have not because you ask not.” is a self fulfilling prophecy for the church and the use of the Spiritual Gifts?

2. We are not taught what to do even if we had a supernatural gift. Our spiritual life is a maturation process, why would we think that we would know all there is about Spiritual Gifts without a learning process? Who is teaching on the Spiritual Gifts?

3. We don’t try. Whether we are too embarrassed that someone will laugh at us or mock us if we prayed for a miracle and it didn’t happen, it is enough to keep us from trying. Miracles are way out of our comfort zone so we don’t ask God to give us any supernatural gifts.

Personally, I believe the church is apostate in this area. We need to repent. There is a dying world that is going to hell and we sit here with a silent witness. We need to go forth with the power of the Holy Spirit, armed with the Spiritual Gifts and witness to the world. Jesus was right when He said, “A wicked generation seeks after a sign.” That is why He, Moses and the Prophets used supernatural ‘s gifts. God desires us to do the same today.  Will we repent and be obedient. Ask God to show you your Spiritual Gifts today. Ask Him to unleash His Spiritual Gifts into the world.

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3 thoughts on “Why Aren’t There More Supernatural Gifts Being Used?”

  1. This is awesome stuff. Very challenging – been reading about it a bit lately myself. Jesus said we will do even greater things than he did! Come on!! Lets go!! I’ve put your blidget on my site!

  2. What is expressed in this page is exactly what God has put in my heart.Too many of us Christians are taking our faith for granted and only use it for our own assurance and complacency,forgetting that we where called to a greater purpose,servanthood to the Kingdom.Yes we are called God’s children by what Jesus has done but what happened to us being God’s army?I,with love, encourage each of us in the Lord Jesus to keep on,with love,doing what He started,SAVING THE WORLD!!!Not much time left for us considering how large the world is and a couple of decades we have before we go to heaven.There is a Kingdom to enrich which is mine and yours and the person you are gong to introduce to Christ.Let us go out as Jesus has instructed us to make it known that the Kingdom is at hand, the best we can do is be witnesses to Christ Jesus with respect to every instruction that he commanded.We’ll meet in heaven, until then let us take our assignments on this foreign land(earth) and complete it as well as Jesus completed his by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.Much Love,eternally!!!

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