Get Your Free PDF copy of my book Power-UP! to help you through these troubling times

A Free Offer To Bring Hope and Peace During These Difficult Times

Power Up

Hi, I’m Ronald Ovitt, Mr. Change Agent, author of Using Your Spiritual Gifts, Pastoral Counselor, and Transformational Coach.

I’ve had numerous people reach out to me during this coronavirus situation. In response to this unique time in our history I have decided to offer to you my book, Power Up! – Emotional Relearning Through Bible Verse Affirmations, in a PDF version absolutely FREE. This sells on Amazon but I want to make this available during this time to anyone who wants it.

The first half of the book deals with emotional resilience, the second half are Bible verses that I have paraphrased in the first person so you can really claim the truth behind each verse. Scriptures on comfort, courage, hope, peace, fear, anxiety and more. Get your free copy by going to

Please pass this FREE OFFER on to your friends, relatives, co-workers, and those on Facebook and Instagram.  Send them the link so they can get the benefit of this free offer. May the peace of God keep us all during these difficult times.

Ron Ovitt

Power Up! - front book cover - jpeg


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