Take a Spiritual Gifts Test

What is a Spiritual Gifts test and how accurate is it?

The truth is that there is nothing “Spiritual” about a Spiritual Gifts test. It is simply a combination of definitions, action categories, questions, inventories and other testing means to help measure where someone is passionate, skilled, heavily involved or interested. All of these can be indicators as to what might be a Spiritual Gift, but a simple test cannot be 100% accurate. There are just too many variables. This is why we have taken both a test and a workbook approach.

We hope by giving you a workbook with definitions, and questions to stimulate your thinking, that you will study about the gifts and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. As you dialog with God about your gifts and get involved in ministry, He will help make your Spiritual Gifts evident. You can get our workbook and Spiritual Gifts Test FREE by going to www.layministry.com and downloading it.

Subscribe to this FREE blog and it will be sent to as we add new features. Also as this site matures we will be adding opportunities for you to chat with others that have similar gifts. Through this “wikie” type experience, we will be able to learn from each other. I hope the workbook helps you learn more about the Spiritual Gifts that God has given you.

2 thoughts on “Take a Spiritual Gifts Test”

  1. I am gifted with a lot of spiritual gifts and used them, for so long in my daily
    adventures. I am trying to incorporate them in my church, and wish only to help others and help them to develop their gifts. I am very creative and also, prophetic. I need to share my testimony
    with the world. I am happy to help with
    anything that concerns using our spiritual gifts. I have been governed by my angels and taught many things that should be shared with the world. I hope you can give me advice as to how I can share this information. I have wonderful things to share. I am so blessed and want to share it with the world.
    Dyanne http://www.dyannehm.com

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