Why Aren’t There More Supernatural Gifts Being Used?

I wonder what it was like to be one of the seventy disciples that Jesus sent out? Not the twelve, you know those that spent all their time with Jesus,  one of the seventy. Yes, they knew Jesus, but not as well as His closest disciples. But that didn’t stop them from being sent out on a special mission. They knew what they saw and heard. They knew what they believed. They were “sold-out” to Jesus, so when it came time for Jesus to get the area excited about His mission, He commissioned all seventy to go forth and do miracles in His name. Can you imagine? One moment you are following Jesus, listening to His preaching, wanting to serve Him, and the next minute He empowers you to do miracles. Demons are casted out, people are healed, grown men cry out in repentance and dedicate their life to Christ. And you know it’s not of your own doing, it is a miraculous power from on high.

Well, if Jesus empowered those seventy and He said that after He ascended that His future followers (That included us) would do the same things He was doing, why don’t we see it today?

I think that there are a few reasons.

1. We don’t believe in supernatural miracles and “signs”. Many seminaries teach a “cessation” theory that says the miracles that Christ and the early Church did, ceased once we received the written word of God. Could it be the verse that says, “You have not because you ask not.” is a self fulfilling prophecy for the church and the use of the Spiritual Gifts?

2. We are not taught what to do even if we had a supernatural gift. Our spiritual life is a maturation process, why would we think that we would know all there is about Spiritual Gifts without a learning process? Who is teaching on the Spiritual Gifts?

3. We don’t try. Whether we are too embarrassed that someone will laugh at us or mock us if we prayed for a miracle and it didn’t happen, it is enough to keep us from trying. Miracles are way out of our comfort zone so we don’t ask God to give us any supernatural gifts.

Personally, I believe the church is apostate in this area. We need to repent. There is a dying world that is going to hell and we sit here with a silent witness. We need to go forth with the power of the Holy Spirit, armed with the Spiritual Gifts and witness to the world. Jesus was right when He said, “A wicked generation seeks after a sign.” That is why He, Moses and the Prophets used supernatural ‘s gifts. God desires us to do the same today.  Will we repent and be obedient. Ask God to show you your Spiritual Gifts today. Ask Him to unleash His Spiritual Gifts into the world.

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Filled With the Knowledge of God 


For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding. And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light.
Colossians 1:9-11


Being filled with the knowledge of God is crucial to our Christian experience. But how does this happen? How are we filled with the knowledge of God? F.B. Meyers writes, “God’s impressions within and His word without are always corroborated by His Providence around, and we should quietly wait until those three focus into one point.” We gain knowledge as we quiet ourselves to listen to God, read His word for understanding and follow His leadings as they are played out. Dallas Willard in his book Hearing God shares, “So our union with God – His presence with us, in which our aloneness is banished and the meaning and full purpose of human existence is realized – consists chiefly in a conversational relationship with God while we are each consistently and deeply engaged as His friend and colaborer in the affairs of the kingdom of Heaven.” This is what Paul is talking about. As we listen to Him, muse on His word and practice His presence as we go about living for Him, He will give us wisdom and knowledge, the fruit of good works and all the strength and power we need.
Start today. Talk to God, read His word and converse with Him as you go about your business. Does it get any better than that?

Dear Father, is it true? Can I really be filled with your knowledge and wisdom? Can my life bear good works? Can I really have your strength and power in my life? This is what I desire. Please help me Lord with the discipline I need to quietly spend time listening to you and reading your word. Help me even today to converse with you throughout the day. Help me experience your presence. I pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ my Savior.


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What About “Spiritual” Gifts Don’t We Understand?

With all the tests, short quizzes, inventories and brief definitions it is easy to start thinking of Spiritual Gifts as a  natural given talent, skill, aptitude or ability. Much like a IQ test, strength test in Physical Education or a vocational aptitude in the Kuder Occupational Interest Survey, we start to believe that our Spiritual Gift is some intrinsic ability. Now this is easy to understand when we consider “teacher”. We say of someone, “They seem to be a natural teacher.” Or perhaps we feel our Spiritual Gift is an internal drive. This is easy to see in “mercy”. We see someone that is really compassionate and we say that they have the “gift.” Certainly our Spiritual Gift should have something to do with our ability or drive. After all it is “YOUR” Spiritual Gift. But it is much more than a simple talent, skill, aptitude or drive. It is a partnership with God. In order to have a Spiritual Gift there has to be a “Spiritual” element at work. God has given us the part of the gift that is ours. He has instilled a drive, created a gift passion, unction, ability, aptitude but it is not “Spiritual” unless it is under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In essence it is really the “Holy Spirit’s Gift” being manifested in our life. It is the bringing of our whole self to God and asking Him what He would have us do. It is the daily waiting on Him for guidance and direction committing our activities to Him and then making ourself available to His direction. When we do this, I believe He will unleash His gifts “in” and “through” us. How else can you explain the supernatural gifts? Peter, Paul and the disciples did not have an innate ability to heal, prophesy, have incredible faith, do miracles. Instead they had a relationship with Jesus, trusted Him and showed up for work. The made themselves available for His service and believed God when He told them what to do. Even Jesus said, “I do nothing by myself, I only do what my Heavenly Father tells me to do.” Can we do any less. It is great to have abilities, passions, skills, aptitudes but if I had to choose, I would choose a relationship with Christ and the faith to do what He tells me to do. How has God used you? What has He asked you to do? Do you have a feeling you know what gifts God is using in your life? If so, go to the button above where it says, “Share About Your Spiritual Gift” and let us share your testimony with others. Let’s get a dialog going and learn more about this wonderful subject.  If you haven’t completed our workbook, Understanding Your Spritual Gifts, download your free copy today 


Same Ole, Same Ole

If I asked you to name the Spiritual Gifts that you have seen in your church, what would they be? Most of us would rattle off the most common ones; helps, mercy, hospitality, teaching, giving, leadership and administration. Now, please, I know that these are very important Spiritual Gifts. Every church needs these. My point is this, we tend to gravitate toward the familiar and shrink from those gifts that we know little about.

Now you may be thinking, “Ron, what in the world brought this on?” Well, the truth is I just got home from a seminar about volunteerism in the church. It was a great seminar. The speaker had a lot of great ideas and I am very glad that I went. However, when the lecturer spoke about the Spiritual Gifts, I was a little let down. The content on being a volunteer was outstanding so I expected the same about Spiritual Gifts. Instead we were given the standard-of-the-mill speech on Spiritual gifts. He talked about the typical gifts we fine in our churches: teaching, hospitality, mercy, administration, leadership, giving, wisdom and discernment. He was teaching us that ministry leaders should try to find people with these typical gifts and plug them into their ministry. I agree with that statement but expected more. When it looked like all that was going to be said, was said, I raised my hand. The speaker called on me and I simply shared that I felt that we as ministry leaders need to learn about all the Spiritual gifts and pray that God would send us people with all of the gifts. I continued, “Can we imagine what would happen if we prayed that God would give us someone with the gift of faith, miracles, healing, knowledge or prophecy to complement our ministry?” The speaker agreed that it would be amazing if we would pray and believe God for that, but there was something in his tone that led me to believe that he was not sure that it would ever happen.

Let me ask. When are we going to get sick of the same ole, same ole? When are we going to start to believe God to give us people in our churches that represent all the Spiritual Gifts? When are we going to begin to ask God to manifest Himself in all His majesty and power through His people? I believe Paul was writing about Spiritual Gifts that are just as real today as they were in his day. Lord knows that our nation is just as secular as his was. We are just as lost, just as in need of “signs and wonders” as any nation that ever existed.

I pray that we, His church, would start to grasp how significant the Spiritual Gifts are and start to help develop those gifts in our church.

If you want to know more you can download our FREE workbook, Understanding My Spiritual Gifts. There is a Spiritual Gifts test and definitions of all the gifts. My prayer is that we will start to see a manifestation of all the gifts in the churches you and I attend. What a powerful witness and effective ministry we will have, when we go forward with all the gifts the Holy Spirit makes available to us.  

What Is A Spiritual Gift?

When I say “milk,” I get a clear mental image. Most of us in fact get the same image. White liquid in a clear glass. We can even taste it. However, when I say “pet,” it gets a little more confusing. I say “pet” and you have a clear image but what are the chances of it being the same image I have? You may think of a grey kitten and I picture a bulldog. How much more difficult is it when I say “Spiritual Gift”? Many of us don’t get any image at all.

According to many nationwide surveys most of us do not know what our spiritual gifts are. It was the same way in the New Testament Church. Paul wanted to correct that. We see this in I Corinthians 12:1-7 where Paul writes: Now about spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be ignorant… There are different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of workings, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now each of the manifestations of the Spirit is given for the common good.           

Paul says that He doesn’t want us to be ignorant about spiritual gifts so he uses three descriptive words that when put together help us better understand what a spiritual gift is.

First Paul wrote, “There are different kinds of gifts”. The word “gifts” simply implies that what God is giving us is given to us freely, just like a Birthday or Christmas gift. Today many refer to someone who is “gifted” as having a “natural born” talent. They are implying that it was a talent that was given to them, not one that they acquired by their own ability.            

The second phrase that Paul used as a clarifier was “There are different kinds of service”. The word “service” implies that the gifts are abilities or passions that were freely given to us by God, and are to be used as a form of serving God. The word service is the same word that is used for ministry. Paul is implying that God has given you and I spiritual gifts that equip us for ministry.           

The final phrase that Paul uses is “There are different kinds of workings.” The word “workings”  is an exciting word. It is only used twice in the Bible, both times in this chapter. This word means the “effect or result” of the energy or the power of God.                               

When we put all three phrases together we see that a spiritual gift is:           

An ability or prompting of the Holy Spirit, given to us freely, and is energized and empowered by God for His service.

An ability or prompting, given freely by God, energized by God for His service. What do you have like that in your life? God says He given each of us a gift.

Ability or prompting?God has seemed to gift me with leadership. When I see something that needs to be done, if I am to be used of God in the situation, He will give me a nudge. I will feel compelled to help get something done. I will lead whoever will join me. Wisdom. It seems arrogant to say “my gift is wisdom” but usually, if it is, you know it is from God. I spend most of my time deciding things, giving advice, consulting or brainstorming. I have been a change agent most of my life. When it is of God, He leads me with wisdom.

How about you – what do you think your gifts are.

If you want to know more, simply go to my website www.layministry.com and download my FREE workbook, Understanding My Spiritual Gifts and come back to this blog and comment on your own gifts. Let’s not pass up this wonderful “gift” that God wants us to use for Him. 

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Spiritual Gifts? Who has the time?

I find myself at the end of the day and I have to ask myself, “Was I even conscious of my Spiritual Gifts?” I mean, was I even trying to walk in the Spirit? It’s easy you know?To let the spiritual side of you sit on the back burner. Time flies by. Personally, I spend a lot of time on the phone. And then there are meetings. Half my life seems like it is putting out fires -(Hmm . . . Maybe that has something to do with my Spiritual Gift?)  

Could there be some truth to the above parentheses? Perhaps Spiritual Gifts aren’t something you “make time” for, like extracurricular activities? Maybe you live them. 

If you are passionate about what you are doing, if you feel like you are conscious of God working through you or that He is part of the picture, if you feel like you are in a natural flow or are in the zone, maybe God is using one of the Spiritual Gifts in you?

I need to be more aware of being spiritual and conscious of God in all that I do. I need to be more focused about using (or better yet, “being”) the “gifts” He has given me even at work. The Lord knows we need to release His gifts into the world that we work, live and play in. Spiritual Gifts are not just for church.

Anyways, how about you? Were you aware of any Spiritual Gifts in your life today? If not, there is tomorrow. I am going to talk to God about tomorrow. I am going to ask Him to make me conscious of the gifts He has given me.  

Welcome To Using Your Spiritual Gifts

ronsem8.JPGWelcome to Using Your Spiritual Gifts. The purpose of this blog is to encourage each of us as we “walk in the Spirit” and use the different Spiritual Gifts God has given us.

On my website www.layministry.com I offer a free workbook on Spiritual Gifts. Thousands from around the world have downloaded this helpful resource. The purpose of this Blog is to help those that have gone through the discovery process learn how to use their gifts.

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Take a Spiritual Gifts Test

What is a Spiritual Gifts test and how accurate is it?

The truth is that there is nothing “Spiritual” about a Spiritual Gifts test. It is simply a combination of definitions, action categories, questions, inventories and other testing means to help measure where someone is passionate, skilled, heavily involved or interested. All of these can be indicators as to what might be a Spiritual Gift, but a simple test cannot be 100% accurate. There are just too many variables. This is why we have taken both a test and a workbook approach.

We hope by giving you a workbook with definitions, and questions to stimulate your thinking, that you will study about the gifts and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. As you dialog with God about your gifts and get involved in ministry, He will help make your Spiritual Gifts evident. You can get our workbook and Spiritual Gifts Test FREE by going to www.layministry.com and downloading it.

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Welcome to How to Use Your Spiritual Gifts

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I have a website www.layministry.com where I offer a free workbook about Spiritual Gifts. Thousands from around the world have downloaded it. The purpose of this Blog is to help those that have gone through the discovery process learn how to use their gifts.

If you don’t know what your gifts are then I encourage you to go to www.layministry.com and download your FREE copy of Understanding My Spiritual Gifts.

If you think you know your Spiritual Gifts, then I encourage you to sign up for this Blog and get all the new entries. I will be adding new material, helpful articles, book reviews, podcasts, interviews and video instruction in order to help each of us walk in the Spirit and use those Gifts that God has given us.

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